How Does Personal Injury Settlement Work

How Does Personal Injury Settlement Work?

When you have been hurt at work, in a car accident, or a public place, you need to contact a Fort Myers personal injury lawyer for assistance. You can file a claim for the injuries that you have suffered, and you should work with your attorney to resolve the case as quickly as possible. Use these steps to get a settlement that allows you to pay for medical expenses and lost wages.

How Does A Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney Investigate These Cases?

Your attorney must investigate your case to determine who caused your injury. You may have been hit by another driver. Your company may have been negligent when maintaining its facilities, or you may have slipped in a public place that was not properly cleaned. Your attorney must determine who is to blame, and your attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Keep in mind that your attorney has an ethical duty to refuse any cases that do not have solid evidence. If your lawyer has nothing to go on, they cannot help you.

How Does The Defendant Respond?

When your Fort Myers personal injury lawyer files a lawsuit, the defendant or their attorney will respond. Your attorney can set up a meeting to discuss a settlement, and your lawyer will present evidence at that meeting showing that they should settle the case.

How Is A Settlement Reached?

A settlement can be reached when both attorneys agree to a contract that resolves the case. The settlement will include payment for damages, and the settlement will prevent any future litigation regarding the case. You do not need to be present at the meetings, but your lawyer will ask you to approve any deal that is reached. You will sign the statement that accompanies the settlement, and your lawyer will present that document to the court.

Where Does The Money Come From?

When you settle with the defendant, your Fort Myers personal injury lawyer will manage the funds. The lawyer will let you know when they can release the funds to you, and you should ask the lawyer how much you will be paid once the case is closed. Your lawyer can show you how much money you will receive every month, or the lawyer can explain what you can do with a lump sum of cash.


Someone who needs to file a lawsuit after an accident should consult with a Fort Myers car accident lawyer first. Your lawyer will take care of the paperwork, and you can ask your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. The case does not need to go to court when you can settle ahead of time, get the compensation you need, and move on with your life.

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