Car Accidents Caused by Rain

Car Accidents Caused by Rain

Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Rain Fall

   “Accident never arrives with a sign, it just happens with the unconscious mind.”

Bad weather is a common cause of automobile accidents, with rain being a leading cause of many such incidents. There are many reasons why rain ranks as a top contributor to road and highway accidents every year and some of them might be surprising. Los Angeles auto-accident lawyers noted that drivers must first recognize that rain can cause unsafe driving conditions and be prepared to tackle any potentially hazardous driving conditions to prevent an accident involving a motor vehicle.

  • Ratio of weather-related crashes.

Every year there are on average over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes. … The vast majority of most weather-related crashes occur on wet pavement and in rainfall: 70% on wet pavement and 46% in rainfall.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Rain Fall

  1. Drive slowly:

It is an obvious but important tip as it allows faster reaction times. Rainwater allows the build-up of grease and oil on the asphalt to surface, resulting in tire friction suffering. When you drive slower, the strength of your tire will increase and you’ll also have more time to brake.

  1. Wet roads and less traction:

Wet roads are quite often slippery. For a variety of reasons, even roads in the best condition may become slippery during a rainstorm. A water layer on the roadway reduces tire traction which causes cars to slide.

On the ground, oil from the vehicles on the road can develop some surface oily that will be loosened during the first part of a rain shower and produce a greasy driving surface that can be surprising for many drivers. In colder weather, rainfall can fall as rain but turn to ice creating dangerous driving conditions.

In order to avoid rain-related accidents, lawyers treating auto accident injuries warn that all drivers should be aware of the specific details about wet roads and be sure to know the correct driving skills for such conditions.

  1. Wet lane, visibility reduced and windshield wipers decent:

Rain increases poor visibility, a common cause of road accidents. Water splashing up outside the vehicle may prevent drivers from clearly seeing the cars in front of them or even the lane. Heavy rainfall limits visibility still further. Rain inside a car can cause foggy windows, which also diminishes visibility. A car must have good windshield wipers and a working defogger to help maintain visibility, as this is the cause of many incidents that require drivers to seek auto accident lawyers ‘ assistance.

  1. Wet highways and driving competencies:

Aside from the way rain affects a road and driving visibility, many car operators simply lack good driving skills when it comes to traveling on wet roads, particularly in drier climates. Auto accident lawyers agree that accidents rise when it rains in drier areas because people are not used to driving conditions of that kind.

Even in places where rain is normal, seasoned automobile accident lawyers point out that both timid and reckless drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident because they do not understand how to navigate wet, rainy roads. Too slow driving creates risk to other vehicles and increases the chance of an accident. On the other hand, drivers who do not slow down or fail to exercise due caution increase the probability of an accident. Safe driving in wet weather requires smooth braking and steering and a slower speed than other traffic.

  1. Rain Makes the Road Slippery:

Rain can make remaining on a roadway, stopping or preventing collisions with other vehicles more difficult. It is particularly true when it begins to rain because, at the beginning of a rainstorm, roads are their slipperiest. If the ground gets soaked first, the oil comes up to the surface and produces a greasy surface.


Safe driving is an important skill for every driver on all types of roads. Being more aware of how rain impacts both roads and vehicles will help avoid accident situations. If you’ve been involved in an accident related to rain, be sure to seek the assistance of an experienced person. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney has almost two decades of experience and we look forward to providing good advice so that you can make smart decisions on your case.

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