The Importance of LinkedIn for Lawyers as a Social Platform and Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is the most used social networking site for lawyers today because of its various marketing features and benefits. According to the 2020 Tech Report for Websites and Marketing of the American Bar Association (ABA), LinkedIn leads the list of marketing channels used by small, mid to global law firms.

Given this, the platform has gained ground on other traditional areas of generating new business opportunities. How and why did LinkedIn gain its position and presence in the legal industry? Let’s answer this question by tackling the importance of LinkedIn for lawyers.

The Importance of Using LinkedIn For Lawyers

If you’re one of the reluctant lawyers who have yet to realize the importance of LinkedIn as a powerful social platform and marketing tool, here’s everything you need to know about the platform and its relevance to the legal industry.

Local and Global Networking

LinkedIn is specifically designed as a networking platform for lawyers and other professionals. Since its launch, it has grown exponentially. The site currently has 700 million users in over 200 countries. LinkedIn now serves as a universal meeting place that connects lawyers and law firms to other professionals, including friends, family members, and colleagues through a mutual interest or field of expertise.

Online Presence and Reputation Management

A lawyer or law firm’s reputation is vital, after all, typically you only attract clients if you have a great reputation. If you want to capitalize on this vital aspect, LinkedIn will help you build your online presence and manage your reputation through endorsements, recommendations, and affiliations.

Acquisition and Retention of Talents

At press time, about 40 million people are actively looking for jobs on LinkedIn week by week. If you’re hiring a new lawyer, law clerk, legal writer, or paralegal, one of these 40 million applicants can bring your professional name or law firm to greater heights. The LinkedIn way of hiring talents, however, doesn’t end there. You can also use the platform to gauge talent satisfaction and boost employee retention.

Acquisition of Clients, Business Partners

Perhaps the most potent function of LinkedIn for lawyers is its capability to serve as an avenue in acquiring new clients and engaging with potential referral partners through mutual connections, regardless of location.

An individual or brand LinkedIn profile can already act as a summary of one’s professional background, experience, achievements, skill sets, fields of expertise, and affiliations. This profile alone can acquire clients and attract referral partners.

Adoption Of Legal Ideas and Innovations

According to Business Insider’s Digital Trust Report in 2019, LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform for the third time in a row. This proves that the social platform is continuously providing the best field-specific content and statistics for professionals. LinkedIn now provides a platform where reputable legal professionals can share innovative ideas and new trends—anything that can change the landscape of the legal industry for the better.

Tips for Lawyers Getting Started On LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn as a social platform and a marketing tool for lawyers is not a walk in the park. Since it’s not easy to build an online presence from scratch, there are challenges along the way. To help you get started, here are some effective tips on using LinkedIn for lawyers:

Build A Stellar Profile

It all starts with your LinkedIn profile. Start building your individual or law firm’s profile by highlighting legal fields of expertise, achievements, affiliations, current projects, and more. After filling in this information, focus next on the visuals and media content. Upload updated and high-resolution photographs, logos, and PDF files, then organize your content strategically.

Import and Export Connections

Start building outside and mutual connections by leveraging your existing legal connections. Import your contact information and references, as a lawyer or a law firm, and look for outside connections based on your network. You can join relevant bar associations and legal groups and find and track competitors.

Apply Effective Marketing Tactics

Some of the most evident benefits proving the importance of LinkedIn’s networking platform for lawyers include the adoption of legal ideas and innovations and the management of reputation and online presence. Given this, you can market your profile inside and outside the platform through effective LinkedIn marketing strategies as you get started, such as providing SEO-rich content and seeking endorsements and recommendations.

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