How Does Personal Injury Settlement Work?

When you have been hurt at work, in a car accident, or a public place, you need to contact a Fort Myers personal injury lawyer for assistance. You can file a claim for the injuries that you have suffered, and you should work with your attorney to resolve the case as quickly as possible. Use these steps to get a settlement that allows you to pay for medical expenses and lost wages.

How Does A Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney Investigate These Cases?

Your attorney must investigate your case to determine who caused your injury. You may have been hit by another driver. Your company may have been negligent when maintaining its facilities, or you may have slipped in a public place that was not properly cleaned. Your attorney must determine who is to blame, and your attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Keep in mind that your attorney has an ethical duty to refuse any cases that do not have solid evidence. If your lawyer has nothing to go on, they cannot help you.

How Does The Defendant Respond?

When your Fort Myers personal injury lawyer files a lawsuit, the defendant or their attorney will respond. Your attorney can set up a meeting to discuss a settlement, and your lawyer will present evidence at that meeting showing that they should settle the case.

How Is A Settlement Reached?

A settlement can be reached when both attorneys agree to a contract that resolves the case. The settlement will include payment for damages, and the settlement will prevent any future litigation regarding the case. You do not need to be present at the meetings, but your lawyer will ask you to approve any deal that is reached. You will sign the statement that accompanies the settlement, and your lawyer will present that document to the court.

Where Does The Money Come From?

When you settle with the defendant, your Fort Myers personal injury lawyer will manage the funds. The lawyer will let you know when they can release the funds to you, and you should ask the lawyer how much you will be paid once the case is closed. Your lawyer can show you how much money you will receive every month, or the lawyer can explain what you can do with a lump sum of cash.


Someone who needs to file a lawsuit after an accident should consult with a Fort Myers car accident lawyer first. Your lawyer will take care of the paperwork, and you can ask your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. The case does not need to go to court when you can settle ahead of time, get the compensation you need, and move on with your life.

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5 Traits That Make A Good Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Unfortunate events like accidents tend to disrupt lives of people in the most unpleasant of ways. From minor injuries to something as fatal as wrongful death, the intensity of accidents differs with cases. If you have received a severe injury because of an accident, you need a personal injury lawyer who is trustworthy and can efficiently represent you for a fair compensation in your personal injury case.

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas who claim to help you out within the best of their capabilities in cases of accidents, slip and fall incidents and even wrongful death. You need to be able to find out the lawyer that addresses your requirements in the best possible way-

Here are the five important traits you need to look for in a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas


In the subject area of law, any personal injury lawyer needs to display a strong degree of professionalism and perform duties with responsibility and integrity. This civility should be in due accordance with the practices of the particular state or province.


A personal injury lawyer needs to have a fair degree of expertise in handling the cases of personal injury. It is crucial that you take the services of a law firm where the lawyers specialize in personal injury law and take up a lot of cases involving accidents and slip and fall, while also having a really good record to secure settlements of compensation successfully.


A good reputation is essentially an extension of an attorney’s character. Choosing a personal injury lawyer which is heavily recommended will provide you with a lot of peace when you are filing your personal injury lawsuit. Make a point to choose injury lawyers who are known within the circles of insurance companies and other representatives of the legal community.

You can visit a firm’s website and go through the client reviews to have a better idea about the services which are offered by the chosen attorneys.


Look for a personal injury lawyer who has a fair bit of experience to represent clients and get appropriate settlement for the clients. The compensation allows people suffering from personal injury to avail proper medical treatment that is needed to bring their life back on a normal track quickly.


In getting a personal injury case sorted, you need to have an attorney who takes care of all the little details which you are unable to handle. Not only this, the attorney should be able to empower and motivate you to make the big decision after offering considerable advice’s.

A good personal injury lawyer is willing to discuss in detail about how the process of personal injury claim actually works.

If you have any questions for our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, get in touch with us at Bertoldo Baker Carter and Smith. You can schedule a free consultation any time at 702-228-2600. A simple consultation is enough to make you aware of the above traits of an excellent personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas.

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5 Things That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are very sensitive, and sometimes, even if you otherwise should be entitled to compensation, one simple error could cast enough doubt to void it. Or you could do or say something that could ruin your case. That’s why everything has to be done right from the moment of the injury all the way leading up to the trial if it has to go there. In this article, we’re going to expose some of the mistakes that could end up severely damaging your case.

Signing any Document Relating to an Accident

In many cases, insurance companies will try to trick or coerce you into signing seemingly inoffensive documents at the early stages of treatment or car repairs. While they may seem like a formality, these documents could have complicated hidden clauses that could prevent you from actually pursuing legal action against them or holding them responsible for any further injury that may arise.

Oversharing on Social Media

It’s surprising to see how many people think social media won’t be used for evidence in their case, but it will be. For instance, if you’re seeking damages for physical hindrance or emotional distress, then anything that makes you look happy or as if you have full function of your body can be used against you. If we were to give you one piece of advice, it would be to get off social media altogether during that time.

Missing Medical Appointments

During the treatment period, it’s essential that you follow through with every single recommendation made by your physician and come to all appointments. Ignoring their instructions or not showing up to important appointments will weaken your position. If you don’t show that you’re actually concerned about getting better, then the court may not take your claimed hardship seriously.

Not Being Honest with your Lawyer

Do not try to lie to your lawyer in an attempt to build a stronger case, even if the information seems incriminating. If you have a case on your hands, expert teams like Smiley Injury Law will be able to build a case for you, even if some of the information may not seem favorable. Besides, secrets will usually come back to bite you later, so it’s better that you divulge all the information to your lawyer, so they can actually tell you if you have a solid case and help you get you the compensation you deserve.

Have Realistic Expectations

You should not see this accident as a chance to get rich. The goal is to be compensated for your injuries and emotional distress. While your lawyer will do everything to get you the most compensation you can get, the point is for your medical expenses to be covered and that any financial need towards recovery is taken care, of so you can get the life you had before your accident.


If you or someone close to you has suffered an accident and you think you could be eligible for compensation, make sure that none of these mistakes are made. These could at best diminish your case, and at worst, ruin any chance at getting any form of compensation.

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What It Means to Have a Personal Injury Attorney in Your Court

If you’ve recently suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s oversight, a personal injury attorney can be a major asset whether or not you want to take your case to court. While there’s no guarantee, 95 percent to 96 percent of personal injury cases are settled pretrial. In either scenario, it’s helpful to have a personal injury attorney to advocate for you.

Insurance providers don’t always cover the one-hundred percent of your medical treatment following an accident. If that’s the case for you, a personal injury attorney may be able to help ease that financial burden. Personal injury law is filled with misconceptions, but ethical and knowledgeable attorneys can be an invaluable resource when you’re seeking rightful compensation for your injuries. If you choose to work with an attorney, a major part of their job will be determining whether to take your case to trial, but there’s a lot of work that leads up to the trial or settlement. An attorney will counsel you on the best course of action for your case and help with negotiations should the case go to a settlement.Recoverable in a Personal Injury Claim

Some of the additional benefits of working with a personal injury attorney include:

  • Resolving your case quickly. Due to the number of parties involved — the injured party, the defendant, hospitals/doctors, insurance companies — injury lawsuits can take months or even years for the most involved cases.
  • Reducing the amount of hassle on your end. Any sort of legal action will require a time commitment, often meaning time off of work and/or time you could have spent doing the things you enjoy. Having someone else who is dedicated to reviewing and fighting your case will lower your burden all around.
  • Evaluating settlement offers. An objective third party can better value your case. A good personal injury attorney will do everything they can to get you the maximum compensation that is appropriate for your case.
  • Avoiding unnecessary and costly legal expenses. As mentioned, personal injury lawsuits can cost time and money. This will be significantly reduced if your case goes to the settlement before ever going to court.

Finding a personal injury attorney and getting the compensation you deserve may be just the thing you need to complete the healing process. If you feel that you may have a case, find a local attorney who you trust. For those in the Chicago area, you’re in good hands with Schwaner Injury Law. When it comes down to it, having a personal injury attorney in your court — both literally and metaphorically — can lend your case more validity, as it can be hard to be seen as impartial if you are the one who suffered the injuries.

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What Do You Need to Know About Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring?

If you are willing to hire a lawyer for your accident case, then it is important to keep some important things in mind. Well, most of the people are taking help from the lawyers to fight for their rights or the insurance claims. You should also hire a lawyer to get success in getting the right claim. The lawyers know all the procedures and the laws related to the injury claims. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you can take numerous benefits. By reading this post, you can easily check out the advantages of hiring the lawyers for a personal injury accident. Benefits of Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer

After a serious accident, people should always hire a personal injury lawyer to get peace of mind. There are many other reasons why you should hire the professional to get the claim. They can also handle all the other issues related to the insurance, medical and legal procedures. Read the upcoming paragraphs carefully and then it will help you to understand the importance of hiring personal injury lawyers.

A good understanding of the process

When you hire the personal injury lawyer, then you don’t need to worry about anything related to the case. The lawyer can handle everything in the right manner because he knows everything related to the process. The lawyers also understand the whole process in the right manner, and they also know what the right time to move forward is. They also help in getting the claim from the insurance company which you can’t handle with ease. Hire the lawyers and ease up your task and reduce all the unnecessary stress.

Understand the worth of your claim

If you are not hiring a professional, then you may never get an idea that how much compensation you can get from the insurance company. You shouldn’t skip the step of hiring the lawyers because it can also create some issues in the future. It can also affect the amount of the compensation that you are going to acquire from the company. By hiring a personal attorney, you can easily come to know how many claims you require according to your situation. You don’t need to waste your time or energy to find it.

Get free consultation

If you are hiring a personal injury lawyer, then you can also get the free consultations related to your case. Most of the injury attorneys are providing the free consultation to their clients. With the help of this, you can easily make your final decision to hire the one. It can also help you to know about the merits of the accident claim and many other important details. During this consultation, you can also get an idea about the experience of the attorney and how they will handle your insurance claim in the future.

Reduce your stress

By hiring an attorney for the personal injury, you can reduce the numerous issues related to the stress. You don’t need to struggle with the various issues to deal with the insurance companies. The lawyers can easily handle your case and also talk to the other parties on your behalf. They have good knowledge and experience in the same field which means they can professionally handle everything. You don’t need to take too much stress or waste time to complete all the procedures to get the right compensation.

Good knowledge of insurance law

If you are facing some complications during the process of getting compensation, then you don’t need to worry anymore. You can easily hire the professionals and get rid of all the issues quickly. All you need to do is to provide all the relevant information to your lawyer, and then he can handle everything on your behalf. The lawyers also have a good knowledge about the insurance law which means he can easily handle all the issues or the complications related to the procedure.

Want to hire a personal injury lawyer?

As you read earlier, there are many benefits of hiring personal injury lawyers, and it is the reason that most of the people are hiring them. If you have also decided to hire Hershey Law attorney, then you should take help from some beneficial tips. All you need to do is to research online and then pick the right option by doing a proper investigation. The simple steps that you need to follow have been listed below-

Ask your friends or family members

First of all, you should seek a recommendation from your friends or family members. It is a very simple step because you just need to ask your friends. After getting the recommendations, you need to choose the one carefully. Never make your choices randomly because it is not the right way to choose the one. Always do researches about all the lawyers that they have been recommended. Find the trustworthy one and then go for the hiring process.

Consider some important factors

After finding the right lawyer that you want to hire, the next step is to ask him a few questions. With the help of this, you can easily decide whether to hire him or not. You should always ask him about his experience, knowledge, and skills. You should also ask how much he will charge for your case. Are there any additional or hidden charges? Well, there are many other queries that you need to ask and then go to make your final choice.

Hire the right attorney

After completing the selection procedure, now it is the time to hire the right attorney. You don’t need to make a lot of efforts to complete this final step. You can make a call to contact the lawyer or also hire him by visiting his official website. It is a simple process, and you don’t need to take any stress for it. Hire the one easily and get the assistance to get the right amount of compensation from the insurance company. In addition to this, a professional attorney can also help you in many other ways.

Hope, the above-given details may help you in hiring the personal injury attorney to get rid of all the complications and legal procedures.

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10 Things to Help You Plan for a Career in Law

Being a lawyer can have its many perks. People respect you when it comes to all things about the law. They can easily confide in you their deepest legal woes knowing that you’ll be treating these with utmost confidentiality. But getting a career in law is never easy. It takes patience, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. The good news is that you can always plan for your future career in law if you adhere to these 10 things.

1. Aim for Academic Excellence

Entering law school is tough. The admission requirements are some of the most stringent among all professions. While there are certain schools that may have more lax academic requirements, most top-tier law schools will be looking at your academic performance in college. But don’t think that this is enough. Some will also look at your LSAT scores while others will be more interested in your co- or extra-curricular activities. The point is that being a lawyer means your cognitive skills are some of the highest especially when it comes to logic and reasoning.

2. Have a Feel for Certain Law Courses

You may still be in college, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try and take up some law courses if these are offered in your university. The whole idea is to try to get a feel for what a daily grind in an actual law school will feel like. This will also give you an opportunity to gauge your level of interest in lawyering. If it really interests you, then you can create a more definitive plan on how you can start building a career in law.

3. Focus on a College Major that Can Prepare You to Be the Type of Lawyer You Want

A career in law requires expertise in certain fields. For example, if you can envision yourself as an excellent criminal lawyer, then you should focus on psychology as a college major. If you are considering a career in corporate law, then you should major in business and economics. Likewise, if your field of interest is in politics or governance, then history and political science are courses that will prepare you for such a role. English is always a great major to focus on since you’ll be using it to enhance your argumentation and writing skills.

4. Watch Out for Opportunities in School Where You Can Display Your Level of Engagement

If there are debate activities or even moot court in your school, do everything you can to participate in them. Most law schools are interested in your level of engagement in school because this gives them an idea of just how well-rounded you are. They don’t necessarily need law students who are content only with reading law books. They also need someone who can extend his excellence beyond the four corners of the classroom.

5. Try Student Governance

Try Student GovernanceBecoming actively involved in student politics is always a good exercise to hone your skills in drafting legislations that will benefit everyone in your school. Lawyers may not write the laws of the land, but they are instrumental in the building of more sensible laws. Law schools know this and as such would want their students to have an experience in such matters.

6. Be a Volunteer with Organizations in Your Community

Law schools will also be looking at how well you spend your idle time. You’ll earn more plus points for your law school application if you can show that you’ve been actively involved in community-based organizations. Law educators want their apprentices to also think of the greater good and not just the interests of any given client. Think of any opportunity that community organizations can provide and determine how this can help in your future career as a lawyer.

7. Hone Your Communication Skills

One of the most important skills that a lawyer must have is communication, both written and oral. You must be able to sharpen these skills by engaging in activities that let you develop them. You can have your very own podcast to sharpen your oral skills while creating your own blog which you update weekly should also help in your writing skills. Alternatively, you can always choose to get a college major that requires intensive writing.

8. Get First-Hand Information on Being a Lawyer from Successful Lawyers

Being a Lawyer from Successful LawyersThey call these informational interviews. Technically, you will be asking your alumni association or even your family to introduce you to lawyers that they know and are friends with. You can then ask these practicing lawyers if they can spare you a few minutes of their time. This is your opportunity to obtain first-hand information, and perhaps even useful tips, on becoming a successful lawyer. You might even discover just what field of law you would want to take when you enter law school. How to Choose a Lawyer for Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

9. Consider Job Shadowing

Interviewing lawyers may give you an idea of the kind of lawyer you want to be, but it doesn’t really give you a complete picture of what a typical day of a lawyer is like. You can ask your alumni association if they can refer you to a practicing lawyer who is also an alumnus of the school. Or better yet, if your family has a practicing lawyer, you might want to ask them if you can shadow them on the job. This will help you gain a better understanding of what a typical day is like for a lawyer.

10. Be a Law Firm Intern

There are law firms that accept internships. You can work as a legal assistant for an attorney during the summer so you’ll have a better understanding of the inner workings of a career in law. You’ll also get to put into practice the different concepts or principles you’ve learned in law school so that they will have more meaning since you’re able to apply them in real life.

Becoming a lawyer isn’t a walk in the park. With perseverance and dedication, you can nevertheless lay the foundation for a bright career in law. Thank you to Aronberg Law Boca Raton for contributing to this article.

Jarrett is a Content Manager at Aronberg, Aronberg & Green. He’s highly experienced in writing about law. He writes on personal injury, accidents,slip-and-fall, DUI infractions, medical malpractices and more. He started his writing career at the very young age of 20. After all his experience, he now has a vast knowledge of law related topics.

Benefits of Consulting a Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

The effects of a severe injury can alter your life.

Lingering issues resulting from said injury can limit your ability to do what were once routine tasks. Daily responsibilities, such as work and family life, can become a struggle for those who have suffered a catastrophic injury.

That is why it is important to contact an experienced Columbus personal injury lawyer to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

As personal injury attorneys we see permanent damage stemming from a variety of incidents. Primarily people, who need legal consul, are injured as a result of:

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Animal Attacks
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Physical Assaults

If you were hurt in any of the preceding manners, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in seeking compensation from the responsible party. Why It’s Worth It to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Benefits of Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents of any kind can leave a lasting impact. This is especially true when you are severely injured as a result. Relying on a skilled and dedicated Columbus personal injury lawyer will protect your rights to seek compensation and damages from the at-fault party in your case. You can then focus on recovering your health and resuming your previous life.

Typically, a personal injury attorney will first accurately calculate the financial impact your injury had on you and your family. The total includes medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, past and future lost wages, as well as potential future medical responsibilities. In extreme cases in which the victim of the accident has died, a personal injury lawyer can calculate the financial impact that their death had on their surviving family. These figures are crucial in understanding whether an insurance company’s settlement offer is fair.

Should you receive less than an acceptable offer from the insurance company, a personal injury attorney will escalate things to begin compiling your court case. This includes the necessary paperwork, correspondence with the insurance company, gathering of medical records among other things. A personal injury lawyer can also utilize their network of qualified medical investigators and experts to support your claims if the case goes to court.

In addition to the tangible benefits of consulting with a personal injury lawyer, an attorney can provide support in a time of need. Most victims of catastrophic injuries are left feeling lost, alone or betrayed. A caring attorney can provide the support necessary for injured people. An attorney can fight on your behalf to ensure that the responsible parities in your injury are held accountable. While it may not reduce the physical impact of your injuries, a financial settlement from the responsible person or group can go a long way toward healing the emotional distress caused by a traumatic injury.

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Infographic: Personal Injury Statistics in The United States

In the United States alone, we see a vast range of causes for personal injuries that lead to litigation. Injuries may occur on the road, on the job, or in a variety of other settings. Discover the injury rates, compare between various demographics, and find out what has a tendency to happen when these matters are brought before a court.

Infographic Resource:

Personal Injury Statistics in The United States

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Why It’s Worth It to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you receive a settlement offer before you have spoken with a lawyer, know this happened for a reason. The settlement offer is almost certainly lower than you deserve since the insurance company is a business that is protecting its own interests. Instead of making these mistakes, choose the right personal injury lawyer to represent your legal claim to recover fair compensation for your accident injuries. Read more

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What Are the Elements in a Personal Injury Case?

One of the most critical factors in a personal injury case is whether or not the elements are present. Without the four essential elements, you do not have a case – which means you cannot collect compensation.

These four basic elements are whether the defendant owed you a duty, breached the duty, if the breach caused your injuries, and whether you suffered damages. These elements are established by using a preponderance of the evidence because, as the plaintiff, you carry the burden of proof in an injury claim.

Exploring the Four Elements of Personal Injury

An attorney may refuse to take your case if you do not have the four basic elements, because a court will not grant compensation if these four elements cannot be proven through a preponderance of evidence either.

Here are how these elements play a role in your case:

Duty of Care

Everyone owes a duty of care, but the level of duty depends on the situation. For example, a daycare provider has a legal duty to watch children under her care. A driver must obey traffic signals, safety laws, and not drive while under the influence. A homeowner is required to keep their premises safe for guests.

For you to recover damages against a defendant, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty of care. Without a duty, you have no claim.

Breach of Duty

Once you establish the duty owed, you must then prove that the duty was breached.

Just because you encounter an accident does not mean someone breached his or her duty of care or acted negligently. For example, you fell in a store on a slick surface. But the store staff had placed signs notifying you of the wet surface and were working to clean it up. You ignored those signs and slipped anyway. In this case, the owner of that store is not liable for your injury.

An example of when a defendant breaches his or her duty could be seen in a car accident. Drivers must obey traffic signals as part of their duty of care. A driver that chooses to run a stop sign and causes an accident breached that duty.

Breach of Duty and Causation

Even if someone breaches their duty of care, you must tie that breach to your injuries to collect compensation. If you cannot show through a preponderance of the evidence that the breach directly relates to your injury, you cannot collect compensation.

Likewise, you cannot be mostly responsible for your injuries. If you contribute or cause the injuries, you may receive a reduced amount of compensation or be barred entirely.


Even if the three elements apply, you still must prove that you suffered damages. Without losses, you have no reason to file a claim. Damages depend on the injury and might include medical costs, lost wages, physical pain, mental anguish, or property damage.

Hiring an Attorney Is Key

While you might know the four elements exist, you must prove their existence in court. Therefore, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney that has experience handling these types of claims.

An injury attorney in your area helps gather evidence and present it to the court to ensure you meet the four basic elements.

Adrian Martin is a writer and blogger with many years of experience in a wide variety of legal practice areas. He is a regular contributor of content to the clients of Black Fin, an internet marketing agency that works with law firms and attorneys.