Should I Hire a Lawyer for Employment Contract

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Employment Contract?

Are You in Need of the Services of an Employment Lawyer?

One of the most significant factors in lifestyle and wealth is employment. Due to employment’s importance in people’s everyday lives, it becomes one of the costliest expenses in running a company. Aside from the employee salaries and benefits, the services of an employment or labour lawyer are also expensive, making it imperative for companies to avoid situations wherein they are required to avail of the services of an employment lawyer.

During labour disputes, both the company and the employee may find the process financially and emotionally draining. This is why whether you are an employee or employer, you must hire a labour lawyer that will represent your best interest.

Gibbs Wright is comprised of a team of competent employment lawyers that can handle a wide array of work and employment issues such as contract disputes, discrimination to public sector employee appeals, and wrongful dismissal.

Whatever your position may be, we believe that you have the right to fight for what you are entitled to as an employee or employer.

Court and Tribunals Representation

Gibbs Wright Litigation Lawyers can represent you in application hearings, conciliation conferences, and court trials, which may be subject to approval depending on the case, in the following:

  • Federal Courts
  • Queensland Courts;
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT);
  • Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC); and
  • Fair Work Commission (FWC).

We can provide assistance for you should you have any concerns about your employment. If you are confused regarding the steps you need to take or need a representation, you may contact us as early as now.

Communicate with Us


If you need assistance for negotiation or mediation for any disputes between an employee and employer (including those not mentioned above), we can help you.

Here in Gibbs Wright, we deal with a wide array of employment concerns and have years of professional experience in terms of representing clients on matters concerning employment law.

General Advice

We have significant expertise dealing with a wide range of employment issues and can offer you knowledgeable assistance in any area of your employment situation.

We can assist you with any employment-related issue, including advice on a prospective claim you may have against an employer or employee, defending such a claim, your chances of success, or any other topic connected to your circumstances.

Costs and Jurisdiction

Queensland Matters

Our primary focus is providing assistance and representing employers and employees in Queensland.

Although employment law is administered by Commonwealth statutes (including the Fair Work Act), there may be state-based problems at play.

It is advisable that you hire an employment lawyer who is knowledgeable about your state or area.


We know that not everyone has the financial means to pay for legal representation, especially in lengthy court battles. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, shelling out money for legal proceedings can be difficult.

We make sure to provide flexible cost structure and payment terms in order to work with you and your budget. We believe that employment lawyers are supposed to be there to assist you, not to put you down.

More information is available on our process page. You may also directly contact us to discuss your situation to provide you with a solution specifically tailored to your needs.

The Next Step

Employees have a wide array of options when it comes to their work, especially when seeking damages.

Although employment law may seem overwhelming, especially to employers, having an employment lawyer can help in lessening possible disputes.

Employment lawyers in Brisbane have a team of solicitors who can successfully help you through the process of commencing or defending an employment dispute.

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