Reasons to Withhold Visitation in San Bernardino Child Custody

Reasons to Withhold Visitation in San Bernardino Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, there may be various factors that can play their vital role, in the case of San Bernardino child custody, there may be the possibility of current pandemic scenario, and other official factors also play their role as key reasons to withhold such visitation rights and it has been a new debate of recent times whether it should be a right step or not.

Although it not that it can’t be done ore may be a tough process, and to know the legal ways, to fix things and also to attain such custody, experts can be visited in form of family law attorneys San Bernardino, you can put your case in front of them, and they will help you to prepare a much better case to help get child custody clearing all challenges through which it has been withheld.

Though if it has really been done on a certain scenario and as far rights are concerned, there may be a possibility that it can be done and to understand how it has been made possible, you can also consider Child custody attorneys, San Bernardino, mention the entire process, and hence through legal arrangements the doubts on whether it can be withheld or not should be settled for the course by such experts around.

Specific conditions

There may be a certain specific condition in which custody or visitation rights can be held, and they may include:

  • Terms of finances not cleared
  • Certain traces that have been affecting post-separation
  • Injury, death, or other influence to one parent
  • Legal norms that are not clear to both partners

And these may be such specific conditions in which such rights of custody can be withheld looking at the condition ahead.

Current Covid scenario

Also, the current critical scenario can become a consideration due to which such rights can be withholding, and there are few things to consider that may include:

  • Death happened due to coronavirus
  • One of the parents is struggling or has tested positive
  • Official terms are not complete due to being infected or in recovery
  • Financial bills are yet to be resolved due to illness

And these may be some critical factors connected due to the Covid scenario in which case visitation rights or child custody can be withheld from the mother or guardian’s side.

Incomplete legal procedure

Lastly more than anything, it’s a legal process and requires completing of formal documents, and an absence of them, it can be withheld that may include:

  • Non Availability or looking for approval of documents
  • Waiting for court approval due to current disease situation
  • Lack of documents that specify last visitation authority
  • Delay in filing of all such documents

And these are some key documents that have their presence to complete and in their absence or nonavailability, the visitation rights can be held by a guardian.


Still, if you have doubts, want to discuss the factors that play a vital role in holding the visitation rights, and you want an accurate understanding of them in the long legal process to take, then you can consider Family law attorneys San Bernardino, mention the current state including delay and holding of such rights to perform and they will guide you according to necessity and need of the hour for such legal proceedings to consider.

Also to know more how it can be made possible, to ensure that child custody does become possible with no holding of visitation rights and to answer your all queries relative to it, there are experts available and you can consider child custody attorney San Bernardino, who are expert in the field, know the depth of such strategies to clear, and they will help you to have a much better legal process to recover from such elements and perform visitation rights for which you can have their help to settle your case. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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