When Should I Need a Birth Injury Lawyer

When Should I Need a Birth Injury Lawyer?


Expecting a child is one of the most exciting things for many people. When expecting one, you hope they will be healthy and safe. Even when the child has been safe inside the womb, negligence on the part of the medical professionals can cause traumatic injuries to the child during the birth. Not all injuries are avoidable, but there are some which are. These injuries change the course of the life of the parents and child. If you believe the injury sustained by your infant was preventable, you need to reach out to a lawyer. Birth injury cases can be tricky. You need experienced lawyers like https://wagners.co/birth-injuries-traumas-lawyer/  by your side, who will fight for your right. Following are some of the common preventable traumatic birth injuries and the reasons why you need to reach out to a lawyer. 

What are some of the common preventable traumatic birth injuries?

The injuries which we are about to discuss are considered to be preventable because they are caused due to negligence of medical professionals. An infant can suffer facial paralysis when the pressure from the forceps causes the facial nerves to tear. When this happens, surgery needs to be undertaken. Many times, facial paralysis is permanent. Fracture of the clavicle and brain hemorrhage can also be caused due to negligence. Cephalohematoma is another preventable condition. In this injury, a lump is formed on top of the head. The lump signifies bleeding under the cranial bones. Some other common birth injuries include Brachial palsy, cerebral palsy, infant brain injury, and failure to perform a C-section. 

Why do you need to reach out to a lawyer?

If you believe that your child has been injured due to the negligence of the medical staff, you need to reach out to a lawyer as soon as you can. When a medical professional is assisting you through childbirth, you trust them. You believe that they will protect you and your baby from all harm. If anything happens they will jump in to take care of it. This is the type of care that is expected out of the doctors during childbirth. When they fail to do that, it can cause harm to the mother and the child. The harm can make the child permanently disabled. This negligence will change the course of the life of the child. In such a situation, you must fight for your rights and get the compensation that is required to make the infant’s life comfortable.

When there is a birth injury case, you need an experienced lawyer with a proven track record. This is because Birth injury cases can be highly complex. The team at Wagner’s has the deep knowledge and experience required to handle such cases. They will fight for your rights. With experienced lawyers, you can concentrate on the child’s health. If your baby has been seriously injured, reach out to a lawyer now. They provide a free initial consultation.

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