How Long Does an I-485 Application Take

How Long Does an I-485 Application Take?

An I-485 application is a legal form for the permanent resident to request adjustment of status to permanent resident status. The I-485 application must be submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If the application is denied, you will receive a written decision. If you are a legal permanent resident and have a valid visa, you may stay in the United States and pursue an adjustment of status application. Otherwise, you may face deportation. Applicants who are denied an adjustment of status cannot appeal the decision. However, they can submit a Motion to Reopen and Reconsider to the USCIS. This motion must be based on a legal argument and supplemental factual information.

Information required on Form I-485

When filling out Form I-485, you will need to provide personal information and proof of citizenship. This includes your Alien Registration Number, USCIS online account number, and social security number. You will also need to provide the date of last arrival in the U.S. You should write this date in the proper format.

In addition to your current address, you will also need to provide your past addresses. The last three addresses should be accurate. The USCIS will run a background check on the information provided. You will also need to include a list of addresses in which you have lived for the past five years.

You will also need to provide information about your criminal history, if any, and any previous denials of entry. You will also need to list any disabilities or conditions you may have. You can consult an immigration attorney if you have questions about the information on the form.


If you have decided to move to the United States, you will need to file a Form I-485 application. These applications will require a number of documents. You will need to pay a filing fee of $1,085 if you are applying for a green card. This fee is a small price to pay for a process that could have a lasting impact on your life.

There are a few exceptions to this fee, including those with refugee status or victims of violence. For instance, applicants who are victims of the Violence Against Women Act or battered spouse and child are eligible for a fee waiver. However, individuals who are seeking asylum will be required to pay the full fee.

Before filing an I-485 application, be sure to check the USCIS website for the current fees and other costs. These fees can vary depending on where you live. The USCIS website includes a Fee Calculator to estimate the cost of the application.

Processing time

If you’re applying for an immigrant green card, you may be wondering how long the processing time for your Form I-485 application will be. The processing time for your green card application is dependent on several factors, including whether you’re eligible for adjustment of status, whether your petitioner is the immediate family member of an alien, and the USCIS field office you choose. Fortunately, there’s a useful tool online that will tell you how long it will take for your application to be processed.

Once you file Form I-485 with the USCIS, you’ll receive a notice of action within two to three weeks. This can take longer in some cases, but it is still quicker than waiting months. The average processing time for spouse visa applications in 2014 was five months, but this will increase to as many as 7.5 months by 2020.

When you file Form I-485, the USCIS will review your biographical information and conduct an interview. The interviewer will ask questions about your current status, your relationship to your petitioner, and whether or not you’ve been offered a job in the US. If your application is approved, the processing time for your Form I-485 will be between eight and fourteen months.

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