Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Every car accident could cause damage to your car and incur severe injuries to you no matter its significance. The right choice would be to immediately ask your lawyer for a car accident about his opinion on the accident severity. Many car accident cases that were thought to be minor turned out to be extremely serious due to hidden injuries.

Before you go home, you should stay at the accident scene and take pictures. Every driver in a minor or major car accident should also be identified and give his details and mailing address. Going to the hospital for a thorough examination even when you feel healthy would be the right thing to do. Let’s now see what constitutes a minor car accident and how the presence of a lawyer could help you overcome the difficulties and get fully recovered.

What Measures For A Minor Car Accident?

We usually tend to call an accident minor when no serious physical injuries have been incurred. Also, a minor car accident has to do with the severity of the material damages happening to the cars and third party’s property. No car accident could be classified as minor if some of these damages are high and cannot be easily covered by the defendant.

Some states also have monetary damage caps that shouldn’t exceed $500 or exclude commercial vehicles from the accident. In general, insurance companies compensate for material damages in minor accidents without the need to proceed in litigation or settlements. However, it would always be a good idea to seek the advice of a lawyer. Upon receiving and studying all the accident parameters, he can give you the right advice about your next moves.

Is Police Presence Necessary To A Minor Car Accident?

The presence of the police in minor car accidents may not be necessary. Sometimes people resolve their disputes using their car insurance plan and save more time for themselves. However, police presence is always necessary for a minor car accident that involves injuries to passengers, drivers, or pedestrians.

Police officers need to record the accident and file a report about its conditions. The plaintiff may always use that police report during the litigation process and prove that the defendant has caused health injuries and material damages. He should then compensate the other parties.

What Are The Causes Of A Minor Car Accident?

It would be good to know the causes of a minor car accident. They usually have to do with the loss of attention and focus on the road. Sometimes minor car accidents also happen in parking lots when drivers don’t pay attention to the signs or back into an unseen vehicle.

A vehicle sliding on wet roads towards other people’s property is another minor car accident. Driving on the highway and having a bumper-to-bumper collision is another common type of minor car accident. In all these cases, the presence of a lawyer by your side is important. He is the only trained person to understand if your car accident case is of minor importance. Then he can propose to you the right actions to take and get recovery for all your damages, even though they don’t seem to be serious.

What Is The Lawyer’s Role In A Minor Car Accident?

A lawyer’s role in a minor car accident remains crucial. He is the person that will listen to your point of view and try to represent the accident conditions in the court of law. A lawyer may also talk to witnesses and summon them to testify about the accident conditions during the litigation process. After a minor car accident, it is important to hire a lawyer to have an experienced person filling in your petitions with the local authorities and collecting police reports.

Representing yourself in a court of law wouldn’t be a good idea, even for a minor car accident. You will never succeed in answering the other side’s arguments and have no experience to object to false allegations. On the contrary, your lawyer may always build your case in front of the jurors and persuade them with sensible arguments about your injuries and material damages incurred from the minor car accident.

Hiring a lawyer to deal with your case may also increase your chances of avoiding the litigation process. Lawyers can call the defendant’s side to a settlement and investigate their willingness to recover you for the accident without an official trial. Your lawyer is there to fight for your rights even if you think a minor car accident case is not worth mentioning.

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