Defending Violent Crimes in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Defending Violent Crimes in Grand Rapids, Michigan

When a person commits a physical crime, it becomes a serious issue, and death cases are most serious of all the crimes. While considering a particular offense, a prosecutor will look at what kind of weapon is used in the crime or what kind of injury the victim got in the criminal incident.

Violent Crime Charges

Violent crime, also called assault, varies significantly across the state of Michigan. There are several classes or categories of assault laws. The basic definition of an assault offense begins with an assault. An assault is simply an unlawful and deliberate threat of bodily harm to another person who may take an action. Also, the victim needs to recognize the expected threat.

A more common violent crime is associated with another element of assault, which is known as a battery. Battery exists when a person comes into intentional and deliberate contact with a victim, and this happens against the consent of the victim.

The most severe misdemeanor charge is aggravated assault, which requires that you cause “serious or aggravated injury.”

An assault committed with a dangerous weapon is called Felonious Assault. The term other dangerous weapons refer to any object that is used in a way that could lead to a serious physical injury or death. Undoubtedly, weapons like a gun, brass knuckles, pistol, knives, and any other typical weapons fall under the definition of dangerous weapons.

Grand Rapids

You need to contact a Grand Rapids, Michigan Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers if you have been charged with an offense. You must discuss with your attorney your legal rights instantly. Your legal rights depend on the severity of the charges that have been charged against you, and you may have to bear the life-changing consequences or irreversible outcomes. A conviction can result in significant fines and imprisonment, as well as the loss of certain privileges.

A lawyer with experience in defending against criminal charges in Michigan can help ensure that all the evidence supporting your case is presented to the judge and can successfully argue that the charges against you should be reduced or dismissed completely. No matter what crime you are charged with, a Michigan criminal lawyer can help you get the best out of your case.

Plea Bargaining

Many criminal cases are resolved even before the case reaches the court, as a result of plea bargaining with the victim. While the prosecution team may propose a lighter sentence if the defendant wishes to plead guilty or refuse to challenge, it is very important to understand the legal implications of such agreements.

A criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids with experience in criminal defense will be able to offer an attorney concerning any plea agreement that may be offered and will ensure that the client always understands their rights. If it is in the interests of the accused to go to court, a lawyer will help with all aspects of the defense to ensure that their client is fully prepared to defend their case in front of a judge.

If they proposed a plea deal or being approached by the prosecution to engage in a plea deal, be sure to speak with a criminal attorney in Grand Rapids before taking any further action.

If they have been offered a plea deal or have been contacted by the prosecution to involve in plea bargaining, it is imperative to talk with a criminal attorney in Grand Rapids before taking any further action.

A criminal record can change your life forever, as well as affect how others treat you personally. Don’t let yourself fall prey to the criminal justice system because you don’t fully understand your legal rights. Contact Rape Defense Lawyers in Grand Rapids, MIchigan to discuss your case and start building your defense today.

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