Common causes of road accidents

Common causes of road accidents in Florida

Some Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Florida

What is the most painful thing that gives you goosebumps even in your imagination? For me, the most painful and hard thing is to imagine losing a loved one. Just thinking about it makes me numb. And let me inform you that car accident are the most common causes of sudden death worldwide. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 40,000 people face death and about 3 million people sustain serious injuries every year in the U.S.

However, both major and minor types of accidents can affect the life of the victim. The victim can go through severe physical, emotional, and mental trauma. Not just that but sometimes victims undergo permanent disabilities, pay high medical expenses, and suffer due to loss of wages and property damage. Though, it is significant to know how the accident happened and who was responsible. If a car accident happened due to a mistake of another driver then it’s better to contact a car accident lawyer port st lucie.

Adequately, it is our responsibility to drive safely so we can save ourselves and other lives. And it is essential for all of us to have knowledge of the causes of car accidents. Knowing the causes can help us to avoid accidents and secondly knowing the cause will let us know that someone else is responsible for a car accident, and then we can claim compensation.

Common Causes Of Car Accidents

I’m going to divide these causes into two categories. One is due to human errors and the other is not related to human error.

1.    Causes of car accidents due to drivers’ mistakes (human error)

It has been studied that 94% of car accidents happened due to human mistakes.


Speeding is one of the common causes of severe car accidents that can even lead to death. The driver sometimes drives fast as he or she was running late to work or maybe he got late and he has to pick up his son from school.

However, the driver doesn’t think that getting late is not a matter of life and death but that driving fast can be.


While driving, it will become a tough situation if the driver distracts his mind. Distracted driving can lead to severe accidents. The brain loses focus if it gets distracted due to texting, grooming, looking here and there while driving, eating, or talking on the phone.

During driving, it is a must to maintain a focus on the road, and signals. And the driver should maintain a distance between the front and backward cars.


Driving while drunk is a crime. And the drunk driver has to pay the penalty or can go to jail. The reason behind this is that drunk driving can lead to a terrible accidents and even can result in death. The drunk person loses their sense and it becomes difficult for him to make an instant decision.


Reckless driving is driving in a dangerous manner or driving carelessly. The driver breaks the rules or overtakes other cars and switches lanes. The sign of a reckless driver is that he drives at full speed. Therefore, if you see such a driver then protect yourself and report the police.


Aggressive driving can take the life of others. Something aggressive driving can be the result of willful action without getting worried about safety. It is violent behavior and the driver puts himself and others at risk.


The driver should not drive if he is feeling sleepy or drowsy. Fatigued driving can cause drastic accidents.


You won’t disagree if I say, most people lack patience. Many drivers don’t wait for a few minutes at the signals. However, signals are established for our safety purpose.

2.   Cause of car accidents not due to the mistake of the driver

Sometimes accidents happen even if the driver drives carefully. The  accidents can happen due to


During bad weather, driving becomes difficult like in the rain, fog, snow or heavy wind. The roads become slippery and affect the traction in tires which can result in car accidents.


There are hundreds of parts in the car. Any part defect can result in a severe accident.


Roadways that are not maintained properly can increase the risk of accidents.

Bottom Lines

Several causes can result in car accidents. Unfortunately, even after so much education and awareness, thousands of car accidents are still happening. And many people are suffering due to the mistakes of others. However, I believe that victims should take a stand against the wrongdoers. This is how the at-fault party will learn a lesson. The victim should take legal help and consult a car accident lawyer port st lucie. Your lawyer will help you to get compensation for all physical and mental trauma including financial loss.

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