Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary

The Most Common Accidents that Require a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is vital regardless of whether you were injured through negligence, accident, or wrongdoing. A good lawyer will protect you from aggressive insurance companies who might try their best not to pay you fair compensation. Though you can try and navigate through your injury claim, legal procedures can be confusing.

There are many injuries that personal injury lawyers can help with when making an insurance claim. Here are some of the most common injuries personal injury lawyers see in clients:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace injuries, including construction accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • Product injuries or harm from manufacturing defects or design flaws

Dynamics to Establish whether you Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Is There a Dispute Regarding the Liability of the Accident?

Injury victims bear the burden of proving the other party’s errors, negligence, or wrongdoing were the cause of the victims’ injuries. You will only get compensation by proving that the other party was at fault, failure to which you get nothing. If there is a dispute concerning the liability, immediately get yourself an injury lawyer.

Your lawyer will conduct investigations to determine who is responsible for your injuries and how they happened. The personal injury attorney will develop a legal strategy to prove the liability with the evidence gathered.

Are You Getting Blamed for Contributing to Your Injury?

Though the other party’s insurance company might accept liability, they might claim you contributed to what caused your accident. Take, for instance, injuries after an accident. They might say you were speeding when the accident happened, making you partially responsible for the accident. In New York, there is a law called contributory negligence law. It guides that your compensation may reduce by the proportion of your contribution to the accident.

If the judge determines you contributed 50% to the cause of the accident, your compensation reduces by half. An attorney will be able to navigate out of these unfounded allegations and fight for fair compensation.

Are Multiple Parties Involved?

A personal injury case involving multiple parties can be complicated. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help navigate the complexity of multiple parties. These are cases such as construction accidents, product liability claims, multiple vehicle accidents, and medical malpractice claims. These cases are complicated, and a lawyer will use their experience to build a case that protects your interests. Having many parties could mean more money for you, but the complex nature of these cases could also mean prolonged court battles.

Were Your Injuries Traumatic, Or Did They Leave You with A Permanent Disability?

Personal injury cases involving permanent disabilities and traumatic injuries have a complexity that is not common in other cases. For instance, if you consume a defective product and sustain a disabling condition, you could require continuous medical care. The disability might mean you are unable to work anymore. You may also incur future damages as a result of this impairment. To accurately place a value on your current and future damages, your lawyer will hire a team of professionals.

They will need financial, economic, and medical experts to consider all factors to get you the maximum injury claim value. The value of pain and suffering requires an experienced personal injury lawyer who will document the damages and maximize your compensation.

Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith

The other party’s insurance company will never voluntarily be interested in compensating you. Their goal will always involve trying to avoid paying you anything out of what you are claiming. Some of the ways an insurance company will act in bad faith include;

  • Failure to investigate the claims
  • Requiring burdensome, unnecessary paperwork to process a claim
  • Insurance policy terms misrepresentation
  • Refusal to pay valid claims
  • Misleading a victim concerning their legal rights

Any failure of an insurance company to negotiate a fair accident claim settlement will have your lawyer filing for a personal injury lawsuit. Insurance companies know how messy and damaging cases can be to their reputation. They avoid lawsuits and settle your claims proving how important it’s to have a personal injury lawyer.


Though some personal injury cases may seem straightforward, and you may think you do not need assistance, consult with an attorney to know your rights. An attorney will help you review the injury case and advise on legal rights and the merits of pursuing the case. Personal injury cases are never the same.

Sometimes it might not be a fair game. Having a personal injury lawyer is essential whether you are injured in an accident by your own fault or someone else’s negligence. Attorneys play a significant role in protecting your interests against insurance companies that want to pay you as little as possible. You deserve to have a lawyer who is only concerned about top interests on your side.

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