5 Things That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Case

5 Things That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are very sensitive, and sometimes, even if you otherwise should be entitled to compensation, one simple error could cast enough doubt to void it. Or you could do or say something that could ruin your case. That’s why everything has to be done right from the moment of the injury all the way leading up to the trial if it has to go there. In this article, we’re going to expose some of the mistakes that could end up severely damaging your case.

Signing any Document Relating to an Accident

In many cases, insurance companies will try to trick or coerce you into signing seemingly inoffensive documents at the early stages of treatment or car repairs. While they may seem like a formality, these documents could have complicated hidden clauses that could prevent you from actually pursuing legal action against them or holding them responsible for any further injury that may arise.

Oversharing on Social Media

It’s surprising to see how many people think social media won’t be used for evidence in their case, but it will be. For instance, if you’re seeking damages for physical hindrance or emotional distress, then anything that makes you look happy or as if you have full function of your body can be used against you. If we were to give you one piece of advice, it would be to get off social media altogether during that time.

Missing Medical Appointments

During the treatment period, it’s essential that you follow through with every single recommendation made by your physician and come to all appointments. Ignoring their instructions or not showing up to important appointments will weaken your position. If you don’t show that you’re actually concerned about getting better, then the court may not take your claimed hardship seriously.

Not Being Honest with your Lawyer

Do not try to lie to your lawyer in an attempt to build a stronger case, even if the information seems incriminating. If you have a case on your hands, expert teams like Smiley Injury Law will be able to build a case for you, even if some of the information may not seem favorable. Besides, secrets will usually come back to bite you later, so it’s better that you divulge all the information to your lawyer, so they can actually tell you if you have a solid case and help you get you the compensation you deserve.

Have Realistic Expectations

You should not see this accident as a chance to get rich. The goal is to be compensated for your injuries and emotional distress. While your lawyer will do everything to get you the most compensation you can get, the point is for your medical expenses to be covered and that any financial need towards recovery is taken care, of so you can get the life you had before your accident.


If you or someone close to you has suffered an accident and you think you could be eligible for compensation, make sure that none of these mistakes are made. These could at best diminish your case, and at worst, ruin any chance at getting any form of compensation.

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