Five Emotions You May Feel During Your Divorce

Five Emotions You May Feel During Your Divorce

Divorce is amongst the toughest choices to make and it can be a daunting experience to go through it. You may feel a bunch of emotional strings together which makes it difficult to get through the whole process. However, you may want to shut down the emotions but it is not a solution to your problem, your emotions will eventually strengthen inside. Thus it’s better to know your emotions and understand the cause, to handle it in the best possible way. There can be many reasons that make you feel this way, such as you still love the person, and it is difficult for you to let go of the person who was a part of your life daily. The other reason can be your dependence on the ex-spouse. Most people rely on each other for various things such as emotional and physical aspects of the relationships, sexual intimacy, financial support, and more.

To let go of these rays of emotions that are holding you back, you need to gather courage and be strong. Everyone feels a different way and has their situations that lead to divorce. An end of the marriage is similar to losing your loved ones. You need to grieve a little and pour your emotions out to move forward. The best way you can do so is by setting expectations for the divorce process, in this way at least you know how it will all end. You should consult your Father’s Rights Attorney Los Angeles to understand the process. There are a lot of things involved in divorces such as paperwork, court visits, child custody, and more. It is important to give yourself some time and rely on family law attorney Los Angeles for all this work.

Your mental health is much more important than any other thing. As the divorce process begins, your life also takes a step ahead for the change. You have to give up the lifestyle that you shared with your ex-spouse and adjust to the new changes that your life brings. It may feel hard for you to see your dreams and plans break in this way. And the thought of losing it all in the process can bring back all these emotions.

Here are five emotions are commonly known as 5 stages of grief that you may feel during divorce:


If you are not the one who has initiated the divorce, then you might spend a lot of time in denial at the start. You can notice it yourself when you are not able to sign the divorce papers. At first, you may not accept the changes and the situation in front of you. It may seem impossible to end up in a divorce after all these years of marriage. Generally, people end up denying the said truth as it helps to avoid the problem for a while. When people aren’t ready to face such heart-warming situations, they end up denying it. But the key to moving forward is acceptance. When you accept the tough situation and find ways to solve it, the problem starts to vanish.


This stage is often experienced by both parties, it starts with the blaming game and ends up with the criticism and insult. In the denial stage, emotions are suppressed and as the next stage of anger comes up the emotions become heavy and outrageous. There would be questions of how, why the things are being this way. You may end up with a lot of anger and questions. But think of it like unleashing your emotions. Pour out everything that you’ve been through and fighting with inside your mind, let it come out, and let go. Anger can be considered as one of the ways to relax our hearts and mind. It helps to release all the toxic thoughts at once.

  • Bargaining

It is the stage where you give another thought to your marriage. Even if you initiated the divorce, you may go through this process and it’s completely natural. Many people consider giving another chance to save their marriage with the help of divorce lawyer Los Angeles  and are hopeful that your changes might work this time. You may also try to make things right by ensuring that your partner changes his/her mind. But this is only another try to avoid the harsh reality. By considering the situations, you may go back and forth at this stage. And this is completely common, so don’t stress over it and try to face the situation.

  • Depression

At this time, you start looking at the situation correctly. Know you may feel the actual pain and suffering which might lead to the stage of depression. This stage can be quite lengthy for you. You can feel sad for yourself and try to find another way to avoid the situation. But know you understand the fact that the marriage isn’t worth it anymore and it can be depressing for you. At this time, consider getting support from your friends and family. Open up to them and don’t think twice before accepting their help. You can also appoint a therapist if needed, and get one for your children’s too if they are also feeling stress and depressed.

  • Acceptance

This stage is all about accepting the truth and moving forward with a belief in a better future. Most people get relaxed at this stage and go with the flow. When you are all done with the sorrow and anger part, you know the reality and you accept it with all heart. And once you do this, you understand the grief and you may revisit that stage. But this completely means that you are much more strong now and ready to face all the new challenges.

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