California Lemon Law: When Your Car is a Lemon

What is a “lemon” in California?

Under California’s lemon law, if you purchase or lease a new or used car that is affected by defects, you have the right to pursue a claim to obtain a replacement or in some cases, a refund. In that case, the car will be considered a “lemon”. Even though California has one of the strongest consumer laws in the nation, protecting the rights of a client pursuing such lemon claims, it is often necessary to have a highly skilled and experienced lemon law lawyer to assist you with such claims. Make sure to contact your California lemon law attorney right away if your car cannot be repaired.

The hassle can be huge, taking its toll on both time and resources for clients who visit the manufacturers over and over, only to feel more disappointed after each visit. California’s lemon law not only applies to cars or vehicles, but also to other consumer products such as boats and motorcycles.

What are the key aspects of California Lemon Law?

  • The manufacturer must repair the vehicle within a fair & reasonable number of repair tests. “Reasonable” is determined on a case-by-case basis
  • The manufacturer is obliged pay for the consumer’s “reasonable” attorney costs and fees
  • The manufacturers must provide enough access to repair facilities for consumers. However, if a vehicle has been in repairs for at least 30 days (can be collective), it may automatically qualify as a lemon.
  • A set limit for the number of repair attempts agreed upon to fix a defective product.
  • The manufacturer must offer the consumer a replacement for their vehicle. which can be a comparable model. Alternatively, they must give the buyer their money, as well as pay off their outstanding loan balance.

How does a vehicle qualify as a “lemon”?

A vehicle is considered a lemon when the dealership has been given numerous opportunities to repair the problem within the warranty period all of which are unsuccessful. There is no exact requirement for how many visits.

Lemon Law Remedies

Does the Lemon Law apply to used vehicles?

Yes. California’s Lemon Law applies to new and used vehicles so long as you had attempted repairs under the factory warranty.

What if my car is a lease?

California’s Lemon Law applies to both cars that are purchased or leased in California. A vehicle does not qualify for repurchase if it purchased through a private party.

Are There Any Requirements for Arbitration?

No. California consumers are not required to arbitrate their Lemon Law claims against an automaker. You may immediately pursue your rights in state court with a jury.

Does the Lemon Law apply to vehicles used in business?

Yes. Provided the business registers no more than 5 vehicles and the vehicle’s gross weight is less than 10,000 pounds, vehicles primarily used for business are covered by California’s Lemon Law

  • Monthly payments and down payment.
  • Collateral charges, which include sales tax, finance charges, and prorated registration and service contracts.
  • Incidental and consequential expenses that are related to the lemon, which include rental car or tow expenses; and
  • Payment of your loan balance.

If you leased your vehicle and it is a “lemon,” the refund will consist of the following:

  • Lease payments and down payment.
  • Collateral charges, which include sales tax, finance charges, and prorated registration and service contracts.
  • Incidental and consequential expenses that are related to the lemon, which include rental car or tow expenses; and
  • Payment of any remaining lease obligations.

If the vehicle does not qualify as a ‘lemon’ …

Cash Compensation

If your vehicle is a “lemon” and you get a replacement vehicle, whether it was purchased or leased, the replacement vehicle must:

If the problems with your vehicle do not rise to the level of it being considered a “lemon,” you may be entitled to receive cash compensation for its diminished value because of its problems. Very often, the problems with a vehicle may not rise to the level of a “substantial impairment.” In these situations, the manufacturer will often pay the consumer a “cash and keep” settlement. This is where you will keep your vehicle and receive a sum of money for the problems you experienced with it. Also, the remaining portion of the warranty will remain in effect.

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How to Write A Business Law Essay?

A business law essay can be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate in-depth knowledge in this sphere. Or it may become your pain and an obstacle on the way to a college degree.

To write a good one, you need to know several rules and principles. An expert writer Colin Kerry is ready to share the main of them in this post. He works at the custom writing help agency, providing writing service and related services online.

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Law and business essay: tips from experts

  1. Find a good topic

It is easy to write about things you are good at. Meantime, choose a timely subject to catch readers’ attention. The paper writing help company offers the following ideas.

  • Business law aspects during the pandemic 2020.
  • Impact of the quarantine restrictions on business legislation.
  • Core legal issues of private businesses.
  • Why do I want to become a business lawyer?
  • A fine line between law and ethics in modern business.
  1. Research the problem

It is good if you have personal experience; you can base the story on the real cases you have encountered. Besides, you are free to google news and facts on your topic. Use only reliable sources: official websites, learning materials, academic publications, buy professional literature.

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  1. Make a draft

Come up with an outline for your text. By doing so, you set frames for the main sections. Its number may vary according to the type of the essay. Yet, pay attention that a good structure boils down to three elements: an introduction, a body, a conclusion.

  1. Write consciously

Business and law are serious topics, demanding strong arguments and well-considered suggestions. In order to sound solid, use specific terminology, select powerful words, and build clear sentences. Avoid chaotic explanations, superfluous descriptions, and unproven facts.

Must-have components for a good business law essay:

  • a formal style,
  • objectivity,
  • logical suggestions,
  • clear argumentation,
  • a convincing tone,
  1. Revise the text

Check your spelling, punctuation, requirements of the citing style. Use grammar applications to save time. For instance, Grammarly offers some free services. But if you need an in-depth revision, turn to online editing companies. They also have cheap offers, and their specialists implement orders in the shortest terms.

The takeaway

The bottom line is you have to unite knowledge and writing skills in your business law essay. This topic does not allow students to demonstrate a lot of creative skills and imagination. Your job is rather to analyze proven facts and offer constructive ideas.

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Top Reasons You Need a Corporate Lawyer in Cyprus

In 2012, Cyprus went through a major financial crisis after the country’s banks became exposed to overleveraged properties market. This led to a massive €10 billion bailout by the European Union. Since then, the country has emerged as the fastest growing economy in the region. In 2018, the economy grew by more than 4%, which was above the EU area average of 1.3%. Part of the reason for this is the country’s attractiveness as the gateway to the EU and its tax haven status. In this article, we will look at some of the most important reasons why you might consider hiring a corporate attorney in Cyprus.

Business Formation/Registration

Many foreign companies are registering their companies in the country. Most of these businesses are in the financial and shipping sectors. These companies are attracted to the country for its low taxes, excellent infrastructure, quality talent, and relatively low cost of living. While the process of registering a business is relatively easy, legal advice is always required. Certified corporate lawyers help to register the overseas companies. They also help to advice the companies on the regulatory issues of the company. The law firms are also mandated by law to conduct a background check of all foreign companies that are registered in the country. In addition, the lawyers can help in formulating the business formation documents like articles and memorandum of association.

Intellectual Property Protection

Most foreign companies that set up base in Cyprus usually have their own trade secrets and intellectual property. This includes things like trademarks and patents, which require protection. A good corporate law will register the intellectual property with the trade office and also ensure that no local companies have the ability to steal them. If they are infringed, the corporate lawyer will be used to defend them in a court of law.

Cyprus Immigration Issues

As a foreign investor, the Cypriot law requires that you go through a certain process. If you want residency, the law requires that you have a specific type of visa. If you are a large investor, a good corporate lawyer in Cyprus will help you get the so-called immigration passport. This is a passport that is given to investors who make an investment worth more than EUR 2 million called Cyprus passport by investment. With such an investment, the person and his family are given a passport, which allows them to do business and travel across the EU. Further, a company that is bringing some staff members to the country can use immigration lawyers to ensure that they get work permits.

Employment law

Companies in Cyprus are required to follow strict labor laws. This is in accordance to the Cypriot and the European Union law. As such, as a company, it is essential to ensure that you are working in line with the law. The lawyers will help you come with the company’s operations procedures. They will also help you defend yourself in a court of law in case of labor disputes.

Regulations Consultations

As a member of the European Union, it means that companies must operate within the strict regulations. In the past two years alone, the region has signed into law the Markets in Financial Instrument Directive (MIFID II) and the comprehensive privacy laws known as General Data Protections Regulations (GDPR). Other strong regulations are on the way. As such, companies are required to operate within these laws, which run to millions of pages. For this reason, having a good corporate lawyer can help you navigate the complex regulatory environment. Failure to operate within the law can lead to significant fines from the regulators.

Joint Ventures

Cypriot law allows foreign companies to make joint ventures. This is a process where foreign companies form a partnership with local companies. Like in all countries, forming joint ventures is a long and complicated process that requires quality and experienced professionals. A good lawyer can help you in that.


Cyprus is a great country and one that has seen impressive growth in the past. The country is also very attractive to foreign companies that have a desire to operate in a business-friendly country. As such, it is very important for companies moving to have excellent corporate lawyers in Cyprus. These lawyers will make the entire process easy and secure.

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