The Bankruptcy Group, P.C.

About Us

At The Bankruptcy Group, P.C., our professional staff of Roseville bankruptcy lawyers can help you decide what course of action is right for you in urgent legal matters if your home, assets, or income are in jeopardy. We can move quickly and decisively to resolve your financial issues. We can help you recover quickly and get back on track.


The crushing burden of mounting debt will lead almost anyone to his or her breaking point. Perhaps one of the best analogy to describe the apparent hopelessness of crushing debt is an individual who is bailing water out of a sinking boat, but no matter how hard or fast he or she works the boat continues to sink. High interest rates and significant debt can result in a similar feeling of drowning in the financial context. If an individual or business has reached the point where the current financial course is unsustainable, liquid assets have been exhausted, or satisfaction of debts and obligations is impossible, the experienced Roseville bankruptcy attorney of the Bankruptcy Law Group can help.

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