Tari App

About Us

Tari App offers nutrition, fitness, & goals tracking with friends & coaches.

Food & Nutrition Tracking
Learn how to log meals while tracking calories and macronutrients. Feel better, lose more, and shine!

Workout & Activity Tracking
Tari App helps you log, track, and stay committed to your workouts and fitness goals.

Health Tracking
Monitor important health metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and sleep. Connect your favorite fitness devices like FitBit and Apple Watch.

Goal Tracking
Tari App conditions you for success, making new habits automatic. Through Tari App’s unique Weekly Goal Score, improve all aspects of your holistic health via a singular monitoring system.

Accountability With Friends & Coaches
View your friends’ workouts and food logs while helping them progress toward their goals. Provide your coach with the ability to log workouts and meals directly in your app.

To sign up for a FREE 30-day trial, download the Tari App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
Let’s Do This Together!

Hey, this is David Andreoli, Co-founder of TariApp, In business and life… I believe the secret is to contribute as much value as possible, to operate in an on-going state of gratitude, and to celebrate the successes of colleagues and partners more than your own. From the University of North Carolina at Charlotte completed a Bachelor of Science Engineering Tech and Construction Management. Presently vice president at Andreoli Software and owner of Austin Cooper Video and Marketing Agency. I Got My Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition Certification With the Intention of Doing Some Virtual Training on the Side of My Day-To-Day Job With the Family Business, Andreoli Software.

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