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Established in 2002 by founding directors Colin Munro and Ron Doig, the firm offers a wealth of experience and expertise among its team of senior lawyers. We have extensive experience in tax, superannuation, retirement and estate planning, and work closely with our clients to find the best possible outcomes for their needs.

We have a deep understanding of the business life-cycle, from structuring start-ups, through growth and maturity, to sale or succession. We also assist families with intergenerational wealth transfer.

We also have a leading migration practice, with expertise in Australian immigration law. We assist clients with visa applications, through to appeals and solving complex and difficult migration problems. We also assist businesses with hiring overseas workers, and individuals wanting to migrate to Australia. To know more visit at

Munro Doig advises businesses and supports professional advisers in all areas of Australian domestic and international tax law, across every stage of the business life cycle. We work to limit our clients’ tax exposure and minimise risk. We provide commercially astute advice on technical tax issues, and we, as your tax litigation lawyer in Perth, can act on your or your clients’ behalf in litigation and enforcement matters. To know more visit at

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  • Education : Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts
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  • Law School : University of Western Australia
  • Law Degree : Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts
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  • Languages : English
  • Property
  • Trust and Estate Planning
    Migration Institute’s Henry Giblett Award
    Outstanding Contribution to Education and Continuing Professional Development