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Susan Handel Offers DUI Representation in San Diego


Getting into an accident with a driver that’s under the influence can often result in a life-changing injury. If this is true for you, you’ll want access to a reliable San Diego DUI lawyer like Susan Handel. She’s a personal injury attorney that understands how to fight individuals and insurance companies to get her clients the biggest settlements possible. Susan Handel is a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer and a vehicle attorney and takes on clients from around the San Diego area. 


The office of Susan Handel accepts new patients throughout the year, and she doesn’t require payment up front either. Only customers with a winning case have to pay for services. That means you can hire this San Diego DUI lawyer to represent your case, and you’ll enjoy the highest level of legal support without having to pay until after you get paid. This is why Susan Handel is such a well-known attorney in San Diego. 


Susan Handel is a Leading Vehicle Injury Attorney


Susan Handel serves as a San Diego car accident attorney and represents clients in surrounding communities to help them get compensation for their injuries. The law offices of Susan Handel are located in San Diego and Palm Desert, and both locations represent clients with vehicle injury cases. Whether someone is searching for a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer or an attorney for a DUI or truck accident, they can get representation at this one location. 


When hiring Susan Handel to be a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer or for other legal representation, there’s no compensation required until after your case is won. That means new clients can get the help they need without worrying about paying unless they get paid. Clients are confident when they work with Susan Handel, and with her more than 20 years of experience, they should be. 

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