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Benjamin Greenwald is a highly recognized criminal defense attorney. He has conducted and won numerous trials at the county, state and federal levels, as well as successfully argued appeals in both the appellate term and appellate division. His previous work included working for mental hygiene legal services, and this, coupled with his background in psychology, enabled Mr. Greenwald to be one of an elite handful of criminal defense attorneys in Middletown, NY, to have ever successfully defended a case using an insanity plea. Mr. Greenwald has over a decade of litigation experience and has successfully defended clients on charges ranging from first-degree murder to misdemeanor drug possession. These same litigation skills, deep knowledge of the law, and a deep desire for justice on behalf of his clients have also translated into Mr. Greenwald’s aggressive representation of various clients in family, matrimonial, civil and personal injury matters over the years. As a seasoned litigator and defense attorney, Mr. Greenwald is committed to getting clients the justice they deserve.

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