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If you are worried that your spouse will act violently towards your children or strike back at you somehow, you need to get in touch with a divorce lawyer. At Ascent Law, our divorce attorneys will represent you and help you reach a fair outcome for both parties. Also, if required, we can advise you to get an Order of Protection. Our team will be there for you if there is a chance that your partner wants to take advantage of the situation. Divorce law and the agreements involved can be intimidating. That’s why Ascent Law is ready to help and ensure the contracts and documentation are correctly handled. When someone close to you passes away, the feeling of grief can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to take some time and mourn your loved one. If you have a job, this is the right time to take a break. Also, you can reach out to your close friends and family. If the loved one had no will written or you’re the executor of the person’s estate, you need to get in touch with a probate lawyer. Of course, any lawyer can handle the probate claim, but if you reach out to probate attorneys from Ascent Law, everything will run smoothly. We won’t handle criminal cases or injury claims. We will deal with the probate and trust claim. Contact us today.

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