Reduce the Risk of Becoming a Car Accident Victim in Illinois

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Becoming a Car Accident Victim in Illinois

There is no real way to fully eliminate the risk of getting into an auto accident, but plenty can be done to reduce your chances. Some people depend mainly on public transportation, others opt for bikes, and there are even people who walk almost everywhere they need to go. The reality is that you are going to need to travel in a car at some time for one reason or another. So, what can be done to reduce your risk of being injured while traveling in a car? Pay attention to find out more about how you can make traveling by car safer for drivers and passengers alike.

Only Get in Vehicles with Drivers You Trust

Being driven around in someone else’s car is enjoyable because you just get to enjoy the ride. The driver is the party who is responsible for having a valid license as well as insurance. They are the party that needs to make split-second decisions – decisions that could potentially leave both of your lives hanging in the balance. This is the primary reason that you should only ride shotgun when you explicitly trust the motorist. If you have ever observed a driver operating a car erratically, driving aggressively, or even using their cell phone, you should exit the vehicle as soon as possible.

Avoid Driving During Bad Weather or Busy Times of Year

Although accidents can happen in broad daylight during the middle of the workweek, the risk of injury increases during peak periods. On the weekends, you will find more people on the road in general. The same can be said about traveling at night or operating a vehicle during rush hour. During the summer, there is going to be more traffic and thus, more opportunities to get into a wreck. Car accident attorneys and other experts in the industry recommend avoiding car travel during the winter holiday season, particularly Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. These are believed to be the two deadliest days of the year when it comes to auto collisions.

Take Defensive Driving Seriously

When you sign up to take a defensive driving course through the local DMV you also get the benefit of saving a bit of money on your car insurance rates. Realize that defensive driving isn’t just a means of getting a discount. Driving defensively is one of the top ways to avoid getting into an auto accident, especially if you do so as a regular occurrence. Let aggressive drivers pass, look around all sides of your vehicle cautiously, and always brake well in advance of stopping your vehicle. Driving defensively will keep you and your passengers safer, and even if you do get into an accident there is a lesser chance of serious injury. You can also help your lawyer to prove your case in case you are accused of being at fault in an auto accident when you have taken a defensive driving course. Things That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Case

Not all accidents are avoidable; however, the circumstances leading up to most auto accidents are certainly something you can control. If the weather is messy, avoid driving until visibility and road conditions improve. Never agree to ride with someone you know is a reckless driver. Last of all, learn how to operate your car in a defensive manner.

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