Temporary Foreign Worker Wages Program in Canada

Temporary Foreign Worker Wages Program in Canada

Updated Wages for Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

Canada has always been a land of opportunities for the number of immigrants travelling here on a yearly basis. Many families come here for better life standard, better health system and to help their children get their better education. Many students around the world apply to Canada’s world class educational institutions for a better future and growth in their careers. Canada has always kept their immigration programs hassle free so that students can easily apply and get their enrollments.

Foreign workers from many other countries also get hired by many acknowledged fortune 500 companies and other mid-sized corporations for the skills they possess. Many of these foreign workers tend to apply for permanent residency through various immigration programs especially LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). Job security and protection of these workers have always been a concern to ensure the real talent gets a better growth in the Canadian market.

Planned Avg 2019 Salary Increases

The COVID-19 Effect on the job market

With the coronavirus affecting the job market worldwide, Canada has introduced a new median hourly wages for temporary foreign workers in the country. Canada has always been a frontrunner in dealing with unexpected situations and one with such severity like this one, Canada has already came up with measures. The nation is known to put the welfare of its citizens/residents as a top priority and with exactly keeping in line with that, the Canadian government has announced a new median hourly wages which took effect from 11 May 2020. This new effect will definitely relieve the temporary foreign worker minds.

new median hourly wages

As you can notice from the table, the rates are different in each territory or province. Although the rate may be the same or may have reduced in some provinces, the majority of the provinces have raised the median hourly wage; albeit marginally. However, at this unique and unfortunate situation, any raise is better than none. Provinces Nova Scotia and Yukon visibly does not have any change in their wages. Alberta and Ontario has seen a raise of $1 in their wages which also holds the highest percentage of foreign workers in Canada. Nunavut has seen the biggest growth in their wages by $2.

What is the significance of the median hourly wage for temporary foreign workers?

The territorial and provincial median hourly wage is used by all Canadian employers including Immigrationlawyertorontofirm.ca to determine the requirements that need to be met for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Whether or not the employers have to apply for LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) under high-wage and low-wage positions is determined by the wage offered by the employer and the location at which the opening is available. This is not a set measure but just a minimum number that needs to be offered. Jobs with bigger responsibility and better skills will of course be hired a higher wage.

Keeping up the hiring processes amidst the travel restrictions due to Coronavirus

Hiring new employees has become all the more difficult for employers due to restricted movement across borders. However, the government is doing everything in its power to help the employers continue with their recruitment process. A few measures that are discussed below have been introduced so that foreign workers can still be recruited despite the travel restrictions worldwide.

With so many travel restrictions now imposed, many companies have now started to hire the talent virtually in order to keep the workflow going. This will ensure the job security of these foreign talents and once it is safer travel, they can easily immigrate to Canada.

New curbs taken for LMIA applicants

The following measures for all LMIA applications were introduced by the Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC).

  • If the employers want to enter a different person’s name on the LMIA due to COVID-19, the name change process has been made fast-track. It can be accomplished sooner.
  • Those employers whose applications fall under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program or the Agricultural Stream, in general, need not freshly apply for Housing Inspection. A report that was previously valid can be submitted.
  • Previously, employers of workers in the low-wage stream had one-year as the maximum duration of employment under the LMIAs. It has now been raised to two years. This is a part of a three-year pilot program.
  • Minor administrative changes that do not in any way affect the terms and conditions that need not be submitted by the employer to the LMIA.
  • All LMIA requirements for jobs in the agricultural sector have been removed until 31 October 2020.
  • Occupations in the agricultural sector are given top priority under the LMIA

To make operations safer for new employees, Canada has introduced a $50 million initiative. This is to help workers complete the mandatory isolation period. Recruits will be allowed entry only for essential reasons. This is determined by the Canadian Border Services Agency.

The above change has already been rolled out and taken in place. You can head to the CIC website to see more updated information on these changes.  It is important to stay up to date with all the latest immigration information. In case you need some personal consultation with a well knowledgably and reputed lawyer; you can book your consultations at Immigrationlawyertorontofirm.ca. Bookings can be done easily and you can also find plethora of information on other immigration programs. It is always advisable to consult with an immigration lawyer when you have doubts related to any application an Immigration lawyers not only help with LMAI applications but also assist in successfully filing any immigration application. Immigration lawyers can also help you in your immigration appeals or in case your application is rejected the first time, immigration lawyers can help you navigate the immigration laws and help you successfully file it the second time. As many foreign and temporary resident workers immigrate to Canada, staying up to date with the latest changes is important. Canada has always been a land of opportunities for many aspiring people around the world and it welcomes you to start your journey!

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