Drawbacks to Getting Your License Suspended

Strategies and Techniques for Defending Your Professional License

Professional licenses are required in an ever-growing number of careers, and any complaint or accusation could put a license in jeopardy. Unfortunately, even unfounded or blatantly false claims can lead to license suspension or revocation. That’s why it’s important to know your rights and next steps when you’re the target of a license investigation. Professionals in Southern California are under the jurisdiction of a variety of licensing boards, and working with a license defense attorney can put you on the path to preserving your career. Call the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry & Associates at 562-216-2944 to set up a consultation with our committed, experienced lawyers.

Professionals in California are overseen by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. The DCA includes dozens of licensing boards and bureaus, including the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, the Dental Board of California, the California Board of Occupational Therapy, and Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers. Each board or bureau has its own processes for investigating accusations and disciplining those who do not follow the agency’s regulations.

Early Intervention in Licensing Issues

Do not underestimate the importance of early intervention. Some people, when facing accusations or investigations, wait to see if they turn into anything serious before taking action. This is a common mistake. The longer you wait, the more time the licensing board has to build its investigation against you. Bringing your concerns to a licensed defense lawyer early is crucial.

Communicate With and Through Your Licensed Defense Attorney

Upon retaining an attorney, stay open and transparent with them. If you don’t trust them enough to be honest about the details of the claims against you, they cannot properly help you. Giving them all the information relevant to your claim gives them what they need to build a strong case on your behalf.

Understanding Potential Consequences

Looking over the regulations governing your industry in California allows you to understand the consequences you may face when the investigation concludes. It’s important to be fully informed in this area, otherwise, you’ll be unable to consider the settlement options given to you. Depending on the nature of the claims against you, you could face license suspension, revocation, financial penalties, probation, supervised work requirements, mandatory training, or a combination of these.

Look Into the Evidence Against You

Your attorney will help you get a better picture of the claims against you and the evidence that the licensing board has gathered. Potential evidence may include written claims from coworkers, family members, or clients; financial records; electronic documentation or access logs; surveillance camera footage; and your own statements. Your attorney may be able to request discovery, although this isn’t always the case. But the more you know about what the licensing board has against you, the easier it is for your attorney to build an effective defense. Furthermore, it can tell you how much danger you’re really in. If they’re investigating an anonymous complaint without any substantiating evidence, they may only be doing the investigation because the board’s bylaws require them to—even if they know the investigation won’t uncover anything. But if they have statements from multiple coworkers, social media posts you’ve made, documents signed by you, and other types of evidence, you may be facing a much tougher battle.

Avoid Discussing the Licensing Issue With Others

It’s easy to open up and say too much when you feel unfairly targeted. Resist the urge to discuss the investigation with coworkers, colleagues, and others in your industry. You really don’t know who’s on your side and who’s waiting to turn around and gossip about you. Even if the investigation doesn’t reveal anything, you could damage your own reputation by discussing it too freely.

Weigh Your Settlement Options

As the investigation proceeds, your attorney may recommend considering a settlement. This generally involves admitting some faults in the situation, but it may allow you to avoid the worst possible consequences of the accusations against you. If there’s substantial evidence against you, taking a settlement could protect your career.

Is Your License At Risk? Contact the Licensed Defense Lawyers at the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry & Associates

If you’re in danger of losing your professional license and everything you’ve worked so hard to build, do not take on the licensing board alone. Choose the Law Offices of Robin D. Perry & Associates, where we have defended professionals in a wide range of industries. Set up a time to discuss the claims against you by calling us at 562-216-2944 or contacting us online.

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