Side Jobs For Lawyers to Maximize Their Income

5 Side Jobs For Lawyers to Maximize Their Income

There are many benefits to having a side hustle as a lawyer. A good side hustle will enable you to earn extra cash without interfering with your main job. Most lawyers work to earn more at the firm, which is quite possible as you rise through the ranks. If you do not qualify for student loan forgiveness, the money you get from the side hustles can pay off the student loans. When looking at how to quickly make money, side hustles can also express your hobbies outside the law profession. If your schedule permits, you can try out some of the following side hustle;

Teaching Jobs

The LSATs and bar exams present quite a challenging time for many students. You can create a website with test preparation resources and monetize the information you provide. Another route you could take is to teach continuing legal education (CLE). Lawyers need to earn CLE credits to maintain their licenses and practice law. This creates a business opportunity for qualified lawyers who can teach. Teaching adjunct law will help you stay sharp, earn money and nurture the next generation of lawyers.

Legal Research and Writing

Writing legal journals is a way to showcase your legal expertise to potential clients. Writing for legal publication will be easy and probably enjoyable with the knowledge you have accrued from studying and now working as a lawyer. Plenty of online platforms will pay handsomely for quality legal research work. When looking at how to quickly make money, the research and writing industry is quite effective and capable of meeting your financial needs. Legal blogs are a great medium to deliver your work to the masses and get paid for it.


Online platforms are always on the lookout for quality audio transcription services. Although most people can translate audio to video, a lawyer is best suited to translate the audio of legal motions, depositions, and legal pleadings. The language and phrases used in the audios are familiar and easy for you to understand as a lawyer; thus, translating them into accurate legal documents will be easy.

E-books and Audiobooks

Writing an e-book is an efficient way to share and monetize the experience and knowledge you have gained as a practicing lawyer. You can continually earn passive income after you’ve published the e-book. Writing about topics that you are well versed with will make for an interesting read. The e-book will act as a way to introduce yourself to the world. Therefore, you need to engage the services of a copyeditor to proofread your work so that you can make any necessary revisions. E-books save on publishing costs when compared to print publishing. More people are turning to audiobooks for entertainment and education while doing other work. To cater to a larger audience, including the visually impaired or blind, you can turn the e-book into an audiobook. You can hire a narrator or do it yourself.

Has the e-book been translated into different languages so that non-native English speakers can read and understand what you have written?

Explore your Hobbies

For many people, the question of how to quickly make money is a problem they are constantly trying to solve. The answer is to explore your hobbies and interests. This way, you get to do what you love and earn some cash on the side. So let your creative juices flow as you explore this side hustle. Some popular hobbies to explore include dancing, cooking, photography, and playing instruments at musical festivals. You can also become a virtual assistant and perform tasks that attorneys outsource. You can create your niche and have a particular group of customers you cater to.

Your duties as a lawyer should always come first. The side hustle will only provide complimentary income, so it should not affect your profession.

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