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Why you need a NYC truck accident lawyer?

When it comes to truck accidents, the damage is often much worse than with passenger vehicles. That’s why it’s important to find NYC truck accident lawyers with experience with these kinds of cases.

They will understand trucking regulations and how they affect liability. They will also know how to gather evidence of negligence.

1. Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the maximum amount of time in which victims can bring legal action against a wrongdoer. In some states, the period is one year, while others have different laws and may require a longer or shorter deadline.

Nevertheless, this is a very important time limit that should not be missed. A claim that is filed after the deadline will usually be dismissed. This means that the victim will not be able to recover the damages that they deserve.

It is essential to hire a New York City truck accident attorney immediately after a crash. The lawyer will be able to ensure that the statute of limitations is not surpassed before taking legal action. Moreover, there are certain rules that can overcome this limitation, such as pausing the clock. For instance, minors are typically considered “incompetent,” and the clock will be paused until they turn 18. Mental handicaps, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, can also pause the statute of limitations clock.

2. Trucking Companies

If a truck driver’s employer does not effectively supervise that worker, they may be responsible for any harm the employee causes. This is called vicarious liability.

A skilled attorney can review a trucking company’s corporate responsibility to ensure the safety of its drivers and others on the road. For example, a NYC truck accident lawyer might check if the truck driver’s employer was pressuring them to work overtime or skip breaks that would make them sleepy on the job, which can contribute to an accident.

Trucking companies are also responsible for maintaining their trucks and performing thorough inspections on a regular basis. If an equipment failure, such as a defective tire or malfunctioning lighting caused an accident, the trucking company and possibly an outside mechanic could be held liable. This is another case where a skilled lawyer can help you recover damages. Be sure to decline any offers from trucking company representatives to sign documents or give a recorded statement without the trucker injury lawyers present.

3. Insurance Companies

Injuries from truck accidents are very serious and can have long-lasting effects. These injuries can also lead to major expenses that may go beyond your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage limits.

Commercial trucks are required to carry higher liability insurance coverage than passenger vehicles. That is because truck accidents are more likely to be catastrophic and cause severe injuries.

When an accident with a large truck occurs, there are often multiple parties at fault. This can include the truck driver, trucking company, maintenance contractors, and freight owner.

Bringing a successful claim against these entities isn’t easy, and requires deep knowledge of trucking laws and insurance companies. Fortunately, an experienced New York truck accident attorney can protect your legal rights and negotiate for compensation on your behalf. They can identify all possible sources of compensation and hold accountable the party that caused your losses. They can also help you understand your non-economic damages, such as physical pain and emotional suffering.

4. Multiple Parties

When it comes to truck accidents, the number of parties that can be held liable for a crash is much higher than in cases involving passenger cars. This means that truck accident victims will need an experienced legal team with extensive resources to level the playing field against well-funded defense attorneys and insurance companies.

To recover compensation, your attorney will need to show that the defendant breached their duty of care to you by failing to drive safely and obey traffic laws. They will also need to prove that this failure caused the accident and your injuries.

If a defective part on the truck was responsible for the accident, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of that part. This type of claim often involves examining driving records, and truck maintenance logs, and hiring specialists like accident reconstructionists to provide a more technical perspective on the accident. This can be an extremely complicated process. Your lawyer will be able to help you navigate this phase of your case with ease.

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