A Guide to Making a Disability Claim in Canada

A Guide to Making a Disability Claim in Canada

Many people in Toronto and GTA suffer a lot of personal injuries especially related to motor accidents and split and fall. One of the major applications that people file after any personal injury is disability claims. It is vital to know what steps to take when you suffer such fate and to ensure you get the maximum compensation from your insurance companies.  You need to hire the right personal injury lawyer that will guide you and help you take care of all the legal actions while you focus on a speedy recovery. So if you are suffering from an injury or any internal disease for which you cannot continue your work or is causing a major hindrance and if you are willing to know what steps you should follow next when going through such to claim your disability insurance, read below. You need to go through the following seven steps and take prompt action on it. Hiring an lawyer will definitely help you get the most out of your insurance claims:

Check what are the disability plans applicable in your case

One gets several kinds of disability plan benefits in Canada, each having its conditions and criteria. Only if you qualify for any one of them, you will receive the benefits. It’s even possible for a person to qualify for two or more disability claims. Finding the best claims program will help you get the most money for your disability.

Short-Term disability benefits

A few workplaces offer short term disability benefits, which provides disability income to people who can’t work for the next two or three months. Various disability policies offer various benefits and the time coverage they offer varies as well. You need to check whether your employer offers such short term benefits.

A Guide to Making a Disability Claim in Canada

Long-Term disability insurance benefits

Some employees qualify to apply for long term disability benefits. These benefits provide disabled employees with their monthly income for several years until the person becomes 65. To obtain long term disability plans, you need to have an insurance policy. Your disability needs to be eligible to be qualified for thi program. A lot of medical reports and testing in involved in such cases.

Get the approval of your doctor

Without any medical support, your disability claim won’t be approved. Your absence from work won’t be approved as sick leave. Your employer might take it to be an unauthorized leave and might terminate your employment. You need to serve them proper medical prescriptions, mentioning the injury or medical condition you are suffering from, with your doctor’s approval on it.

Sometimes, there might be more you need to do to convince your doctor for its approval of your disability claim. You must follow the doctor’s instructions and be very clear and open about disability and severity of pain and other side effects. However, if you have tried your best to convince the doctor of your need to apply for a disability claim and he is still not convinced, you might have to change your doctor.

Start the process

Upon receiving your doctor’s approval, you can start the process from being employed to being on sick leave. Some employers are strict and generally don’t take their employees’ requests seriously. So you need to tackle the situation carefully to keep your job, a workplace pension, and other benefits secured. For ensuring this, you must get your doctor’s statement written. It must confirm your injury and the need to take leave.

Your employer might show you some other options you can opt for. Don’t accept them. Stick to getting a disability plan benefit. You may be eligible for retiring early. In such cases, the agreement has the clause saying that employers are not under the obligation to pay you once you opt for it. So be careful.

Collect various forms and fill them

After you gather all application forms of various disability plan benefits, start filling them. Fill them properly and attach supporting documents and information. You must fill them properly and check your doctor’s written statement and the employer’s form, ensuring that they have stated correct facts.

A claim representative officer will be assigned, to verify your disability claim. You should cooperate with him and do the needful. After completing every step, all you need to do is waiting for him to make a decision. Generally, employees receive the decision taken within 30 days of their submission of the form. Consult the Canadian Pace Law firm Hamilton for further details.

Hiring a personal injury representative

It is important to hire a personal injury lawyer to in order to get the highest amount of disability claims. Personal injury lawyers are very well versed in their fields and they know the ins and outs about handling such claims and how their clients can get the maximum benefit. One of the great reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer is that they do not charge any fee until and unless they win your case. This way the client is also assured and can easily pay the lawyers only if he gets the compensation from the claims.

Many individuals try to avoid a legal representative as they think the matter might be over complicated. Often they are not aware nor do they have access for the right measures to be taken and the steps to proceed. Whenever an individual files an application, most insurance companies try to manipulate the case and more than often he client ends up receiving compensation lower than they deserve. This is when a personal injury lawyer steps in helps you get the right compensation you deserve.

Hamilton has many reputed personal injury law firms such as Pace law that can guide you get you the right amount. Disability claims are usually time sensitive matters and paperwork needs to be filed in a swift manner. Some clearances may take a longer time hence make sure to file your application on time in the right manner the first time.

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