How Do Lawyers Take Care of Traffic Tickets in Louisiana

How Do Lawyers Take Care of Traffic Tickets in Louisiana?

Three Hundred Dollars! That’s the average fine you will be required to pay as a penalty if you are charged with a speeding ticket in Louisiana, US. This shows that no matter how accomplished a driver you’re, you can be pulled over by a traffic cop and fined if you seemingly cross the speed limit. The laws for a speed violation in Louisiana are both strict and inelastic. In 2019 alone, there was an estimated total of 548 fatal crashes in Louisiana, with 570 total fatalities.

Traffic violation generally comes under the legal purview of a lawyer. Although a Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer can’t help you completely get rid of your speeding ticket but he can help in several other ways. A good lawyer may guide you in evaluating all the aspects of your traffic violation and paying heed to the type of situation you are stuck in. Consequently, a lawyer will help you in carefully analyzing your legal position. 

Is Legal Help Required For A Speeding Ticket?

But, the real question here is, is it necessary to challenge your speeding ticket by hiring a lawyer? The answer to this remains very subjective. Hiring Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyers can have its share of pros and cons. But it is also essential to understand which cases you need a lawyer for, or whether you even require legal aid or not. If you do, make sure you hire a good and experienced lawyer. Because yet again, your defense entirely depends on the kind of a lawyer you have hired.  For instance, a good lawyer may be able to strongly evaluate and argue all the legal defenses for your case.

Points To Remember Before Contesting Your Speeding Ticket In Court 

Before you contest your traffic violation ticket, there are several things you have to be mindful of. Since it’s impossible to cluster these umpteen precautions in one go, we have carefully listed a few pointers/things you need to do/remember before you contest your speeding ticket in Louisiana.

1. A Dilemma To Sort Out

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Traffic violation laws in Louisiana are rather stringent and absolute. Therefore, such a condition makes it difficult for one to fight their speeding tickets. However, you will be faced with a dilemma before you think of contesting a speeding ticket. This dilemma is whether you pay the fine or contest; a threat of shoddy record awaits. The moment you pay the fine cited in your speeding ticket, it might be considered an admission of guilt. On the other hand, if you don’t pay the penalties, the Court may either order the department of Vehicles to dismiss your driver’s license or issue a warrant for your arrest.

Thus, the best option remains to contest your speeding ticket through the means of an astute Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer.

2. Know The Law You Have Been Accused Of Violating

Since you are contesting your speeding ticket, it wouldn’t hurt to do sound legal research. Whether or not your case is permissible for trial or of a nature to be dismissed, it is better to remain individually prepared. Be sure to research and read about the stature of the law mentioned in your speeding ticket. Selecting the right reputable legal resources from the internet can be very meaningful to you in understanding your traffic violation case. Further, you can visit the State Bar Association in Louisiana to receive a referral for a Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer at a minimal fee.

3. Understand Which Kind Of Traffic Lawyer Can Help, Depending upon Your Situation

After you have done your sound legal research to contest your speeding ticket, make sure that depending on the kind of traffic violation and the severity of the offense, you chose the lawyer best suited for you. As when it comes to a traffic violation, there are two kinds of lawyers who can help. These are:

  • Private Practice Lawyers
  • Public Defenders
  1. Private Practice Lawyers – In a courtroom scenario, Public prosecutors are known to take ruthless advantage of people without representing a legal counsel. They might aim to get your driver’s license suspended. Thus, make sure an experienced Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer represents you. They will make sure to get your charges either dismissed or reduced, at the very least, and help you in avoiding such situations.
  1. Public Defenders – Public Defenders are attorneys appointed by the Court to represent court cases for the people who are impoverished and cannot afford to hire a private practice lawyer. If you fall under such a category, you can visit the Public Defender’s office and submit your financial information like an affidavit depicting all your assets and liabilities to have a state-appointed attorney represent you. It might cost you a little around $500, but that’s still better than being buried in the sky-scraping fees that private practice lawyers charge.

Having A Lawyer Can Help You In Your Peace Of Mind In The Times Of Turmoil

Once you have overcome your predicament of contesting your speeding ticket in Louisiana and knowing what consequences you might bear if you don’t go for this option, it remains the best possible decision to hire a witty lawyer who can not only help you fight your case but can also shrimp facts to favor in your direction. Furthermore, having a suitable lawyer at your side can help you in staying composed and calm, with a positive state of mind. Thus, hiring a noteworthy and prominent Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer can prove a commanding decision you’ve made even if it troubles your pocket a bit!

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