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When you are accused of a criminal charge in Brooklyn NY, you don’t want just any lawyer to represent you. No–it’s time to pull out all the stops and contact a nationally-recognized defense attorney, one with the experience and acumen to assist you in getting a positive outcome for your case. Arkady Bukh, Esq., fits this bill to a T–not only has he been recognized by myriad legal organizations and worked on high-profile cases that worked out successfully, he can take those same skills and apply them to your particular legal dilemma, helping you to get out of legal hot water and back to pursuing your life’s goals and happiness.

While Mr. Bukh is experienced in just about every type of criminal case, there are a few areas that he excels in. In particular, white-collar crime, major felonies, asset forfeitures, and drug crimes are his main areas of expertise, and he is always seeking cases and clients in this vein to represent.

That is by no means an inclusive list, however–Mr. Glozman also handles cases from everyday drug and assault crimes to serious matters like federal charges and homicide investigations. If you are unsure whether your case will qualify, please contact his offices today to schedule a free introduction. Any time you spend speaking to Mr. Bukh and his associates will be time well-spent when it comes to getting your charges downgraded or even dropped entirely, so do not delay.

Due to his extensive background in criminal law, Mr. Bukh is able to provide top-notch legal services to his clients. His education at the New York Law School, which included an externship with a state judge who became an important mentor to him, helped to prepare him for a long and successful career. One standout moment during that time was the opportunity to pen opinions on constitutionality of the Unlawful Use of Weapon statute, a valuable achievement and learning experience.

Today, Mr. Bukh is a nationally-recognized criminal lawyer who has been named a “Rising Star” and has attained top-rated status on Avvo, a popular lawyer rating site that is also a helpful tool in connecting clients with attorneys. He was named one of the “Top 10 Under 40” in 2007 by the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, among other accolades, and he continues to impress with distinct and exacting legal style.

If you are currently in need of a criminal defense attorney to fight unfair or untrue criminal charges, take a few moments to contact Mr. Bukh at Bukh Law Firm to set up your free consultation. Despite the anxiety that criminal charges and an impending prison sentence can bring, the easiest way to clear the air to hire a successful lawyer who has the experience to defend you aggressively and without fail. Call or email the Brooklyn offices today to get started with your introduction and get back to living your life the way it’s meant to be: free and unencumbered.

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