The Issa Law Firm

About Us

The goal of The Issa Law Firm is to tirelessly exhaust its legal knowledge and resources on its clients, and to provide an opportunity for a fair and favorable judgment. The Issa Law Firm is not a factory of generalized representation. The Issa Law Firm represents clients with one distinguishing factor : personalized legal services. The Issa law firm is dedicated to providing personalized counsel and legal representation of the highest ethical and professional standards. Our firm attempts to work with people of all ages, ethnic and socio-economic groups, to provide personal legal services at an affordable price. Our philosophy is that a personal, positive, results-oriented relationship with a client is the formula for mutual success. We provide our clients with first-rate legal representation, working with them to determine their goals and placing their interests first. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals. Our success is measured in the thoughtful, creative, personalized representation and quality legal service that we provide. A Trusted Approach That Works Our unique approach to each case involves familiarization with the problems or disputes and designing a strategy for resolving them that keeps each client in mind. Mark Issa (owner) focused on creating a law firm that provided legal service to its clients that would be tailored to the particular client’s needs; just as importantly, the Issa Law firm would be a law firm that focused on the client’s rights. Counsel That’s just a Click Away Our law firm utilizes the latest technology, including email and online research and investigation techniques, to efficiently deliver personalized legal service to our clients. We recognize that the practice of law in the new millennium is now a global effort. The internet provides a means of communication with our clientele, no matter where they happen to be in the world.

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