Stoner Law Offices LLC

About Us

Stoner Law Offices, LLC is a law firm based in Pittsburgh providing clients all throughout the Pittsburgh Region and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our attorneys aim to help our clients with their legal wants by supplying professional representation and advice, transparent, affordable and honest billing practices, and a commitment to customer service and client satisfaction.

Stoner Law Offices was started to supply individuals, businesses, and non-profits with legal services that are centered around them.
We strongly believe that every person deserves to have a good experience with their attorney. We also believe that far too many lawyers and law firms neglect the basic principles of client satisfaction. Having worked in both law firms and in-house at companies, we have spent a significant amount of time knowing the practice of law, however, we also spent a significant amount of time analyzing the needs of clients. People come to attorneys because they want sound advice, professional service and zealous advocacy, and by and large most practicing lawyers and firms do this. However, far too many attorneys fall short in the other aspects of client pleasure. Failing to return calls, inability to truly know client needs, billing by the hour at excessive rates creating large unexpected invoices are all common problems that we have heard from clients about attorneys they have hired.

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