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When you’ve been charged in a criminal case, you need the best defense lawyer you can get. C. Robert Brooks is a top-rated criminal defense lawyer who specializes in DUI defense. Being charged in a criminal case can have tragic consequences in its impact on your life, your livelihood, your family-life and your general peace of mind. You need an attorney who will fight for you. And, you need a lawyer who truly understands the stakes involved in getting you the best outcome in your case. In short, you need a lawyer with the experience and determination to protect you. Some defense lawyers proudly claim that they have past experience as prosecutors. Don’t be fooled; that’s a detriment. Sure, they may claim to know how prosecutors think, because they once were one. But an experienced defense lawyer knows how prosecutors think, too. The difference between a career defense lawyer and a former prosecutor who somehow has now “seen the light,” is that one of them used to enjoy sending people to jail and the other spent his career keeping them free. You want the lawyer who always worked to keep his clients safe. Call now for a free consultation about your case.

  • Gender : Male
  • Law Office Affiliations :
  • Experience / Tranining :
  • Education : Southwestern University School of law
  • Apprenticeships :
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  • Practise Area : Criminal Defense, DUI, Domestic Violence, Property Crimes, Drug Offenses
  • Certifications :
  • Pre-Law :
  • Law School : Southwestern University School of law
  • Law Degree : JD
  • Bar Exam : 1976
  • Practice Course :
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  • Criminal
  • Drug Possession