Ray Law International, P.C.

About Us

Ray Law International, P.C. is committed to providing you our signature Advantage every time: expertise that ensures you’re on the fastest route, timely and proactive communication and competitive pricing.

Are you a global business, an international professional or do you have family around the world? We successfully serve a variety of clientele to navigate the complex immigration process, Beijing you peace of mind.

Ray Law offers a fee-based pricing structure so that you know what our services will cost from the start. If your firm prefers billable hours, we can accommodate this as well. We then go a step beyond to continually update you on your case status…

The Ray Law Advantage includes our dedication to collaborating with you, face-to-face, to develop a clear, comprehensive plan.

  • Gender : Male
  • Law Office Affiliations :
  • Experience / Tranining : Managing Partner - Ray Law International, P.C. - 2006 - Present
  • Education : University of Michigan - BA - 1991
  • Apprenticeships :
  • Residency :
  • Practise Area : Immigration, Family-Based Immigration, Green Cards, Business Law
  • Certifications :
  • Pre-Law :
  • Law School : Wayne State University Law School
  • Law Degree : JD
  • Bar Exam :
  • Practice Course : Immigration, Family-Based Immigration, Green Cards, Business Law
  • Languages : Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, English
  • Business Commercial
  • Immigration