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The Mirsky Law Firm has a wealth of experience and success in criminal law. Our team is considered an authority on cases related to this area, with our long history proving it can be relied upon as well-experienced advocates for its clients at all stages throughout their process from pre-charge incarceration through trial proceedings or even sentencing hearings when necessary!

David Mirsky is a high-quality and professional criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his career to providing clients with the best representation possible. He’s been working in New York City for over two decades, giving him invaluable insight into what can be very complicated law when it comes down right protecting yourself from charges like murder or assault–no matter how big they are! David won’t take anything less than 100% commitment from you; if he senses there might not always give all that you’ve got then up until now nothing would make this man happier than being able fight tooth.

You have the legal right to defend yourself against a criminal charge. We will fight tirelessly and prove your innocence, even in cases where there isn’t enough evidence or if you are being charged with something as serious as vehicular manslaughter! Please call us today so that we can discuss all of these options and recommend what is best for YOU specifically – DON’T TAKE CHANCES!!!

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