Melissa Barry

About Us

While attending law school, Melissa worked as a teacher’s aide doing research and comparing felony murder statutes in various states. Melissa was also involved in a clinical program where she represented clients charged with misdemeanor offenses in Summit County through the Legal Defender’s Office. After the time for the clinical expired, Melissa was employed as an intern continuing to represent misdemeanor clients.

Melissa began working for the Las Vegas City Attorney’s Office in 2008 representing the City of Las Vegas in misdemeanor prosecutions, including driving under the influence, domestic violence offenses, drug offenses, theft offenses and even vehicular manslaughter prosecutions. She was also responsible for charging cases submitted to the City Attorney’s Office for prosecution. During her employment with the City Attorney’s Office, Melissa conducted hundreds of bench trials and responded to – and argued – several motions by defense counsel.
After taking the Arizona bar exam, Melissa became a Deputy County Attorney with the Mohave County Attorney’s Office. While working in that capacity, she handled misdemeanor prosecutions, juvenile prosecutions and felony prosecutions. This allowed Melissa to continue conducting bench trials and jury trials. Melissa did not have any jury trial during her time there where a defendant was acquitted of all charges. While handling a variety of felony cases, Melissa supervised misdemeanor attorneys. Melissa was trained extensively in DUI prosecution and engaged in additional training every year covering a variety of topics.

  • Experience / Tranining :
  • Practise Area : Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Juvenile Law, Interdiction Law
  • Certifications :
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal
  • Juvenile