Lem Garcia Law

About Us

To make these words mean something, the Lem Garcia Law Promise was created. Since the very first client consultation, we have made the same promise to every client and we have always kept to our word. We believe that our word is our bond and our reputation is everything. For this reason, more and more people come to us for help every year, and our office continues to grow every year.

Thanks to our outstanding personal service and results, we are one of the fastest growing personal injury law offices in California. In 2014, Lem Garcia Law had one employee – his name was Lem Garcia. Today, 15 people call Lem Garcia Law their home away from home. The key to our success is simple: we always do what is right for the client. Everyone that works at Lem Garcia Law takes a pledge to always do whatever it takes to do what is best for our clients.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of our industry by setting a higher standard for every personal injury law office to reach. If we challenge other attorneys and offices to be better, it means better service and results for the general public and all injured victims. Mission accomplished.

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