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If you’ve never been arrested before, it can be frightening. You’re handcuffed and thrown in a police car without knowing what’s going to happen next! However, don’t panic- call Jerry Nicholson because he is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will help protect your rights throughout his legal process with hard work from start until finish of the case.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Long Beach, California and need legal representation by an experienced defense attorney who has handled almost every kind of case imaginable—from sex crimes to drug charges-then contact Jerry Nicholson today. His thirty years’ worth of experience will give him the knowledge needed for your specific situation so that he can provide excellent sound advice as well aggressive denial on behalf of his clients’ interests!

Jerry Nicholson has dedicated his career to fighting what he sees as unfair laws that plague the United States, especially when it comes down drug charges. If you or someone close is being charged with possession in Long Beach California then call 562-434-8916 immediately for professional legal representation!

Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson, A Professional Corporation

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