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Gerald M. Tomassian is a Lawyer with over 30 years of experience in family law, including property division disputes, child custody and support disputes, modification and enforcement of court orders. He understands the intricacies and nuances of these types of cases which often require an understanding of federal income tax laws, real estate concepts such as adverse possession, homestead exemptions and deeds restrictions.

His practice is devoted to helping individuals who are faced with difficult decisions during their divorce proceedings. Attorney Gerald M. Tomassian is a divorce and family law attorney in California. He has handled cases involving property division, child custody and support, and restraining orders for domestic violence victims. Gerald’s practice areas include:

  • Divorce Law 
  • Family Law
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Before a divorce, or if you become involved in a dispute over child custody or child support, schedule a consultation with attorney Gerald M. Tomassian by calling (559) 216-0795. Call today for free consultation!

Attorney Gerald Tomassian

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  • Adoption
  • Divorce
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