Los Angeles Hot Spots for Traffic Tickets

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Los Angeles is one of the most treacherous cities for drivers. Millions of people live in Los Angeles County, and everyone is in a hurry. When you are not stuck in traffic on the 405, you may be booking it down a side street to try to get to an audition on time. However, you need to be careful about how fast you drive. You need to pay attention to speed limit signs, so you know how fast you can go. You particularly need to be careful around the following streets because a lot of traffic tickets get written at certain spots around L.A. If you speed around here, then you will soon ask yourself, “Where is a speeding ticket lawyer near me?” 

Nordhoff Street and Louise Avenue in Northridge

Many Los Angeles residents live in The Valley because it is cheaper. However, you are also more likely to need the services of a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney. You especially need to be careful around the intersection of Nordhoff Street and Louise Avenue. A lot of cops tend to hang around here. California State University, Northridge is nearby, and a lot of college students will speed out of campus on their way to hang out with friends. Make sure to slow down and take your time as you drive past Dearborn Park.

Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Canton Drive in Studio City

Laurel Canyon Boulevard stretches from The Valley into Hollywood. Many people use it instead of the 101 to get into the main area of Los Angeles, but you need to watch out. Cops tend to hang around side streets to catch drivers going too fast down the hill. You should avoid driving too fast in this area anyway. Laurel Canyon and Coldwater Canyon are convenient routes, but they are narrow and twisty. You should never drive too fast, especially at night, or you greatly increase your odds of getting into an accident. 

Sepulveda Boulevard and Weddington Street in Van Nuys

Every Los Angeles resident knows about Sepulveda Boulevard. It is a great street that can take you throughout the city. However, you need to watch out for where it intersects with Weddington Street. This is near where the 405 meets the 101. If you live in The Valley, then you will drive past this intersection all the time because it is home to numerous stores and attractions. There is also a mini-golf place nearby if you are looking for fun. You do not want to end the good times by getting a traffic ticket. 

Los Angeles offers so much. You need money to pay for all of those activities, and you should not have to spend your hard-earned cash on a traffic ticket. You should definitely hire a lawyer for cell phone ticket if you need one because you can end up saving a lot of money. Get in touch with a traffic attorney right away if you end up in trouble. Whether you have a speeding ticket or distracted driving ticket, you have options for fighting your case. 

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