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Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sale Product Information The surface welding technology of traditional mold materials can no longer meet the higher performance requirements of molds. Laser welding gradually replaced the traditional welding technology. The most typical example of the application of Mould Engraving Machine. It is the laser welding machine for mold repair. The equipment is easy for operators to use, can greatly increase the welding repair speed, and the repair effect and accuracy are close to perfect, so that the equipment is widely used in the field of mold welding. Features The repair welding heat affected zone of this kind of Mould Engraving Machine is very small. The advantage is that it does not need to be pre-heated, and the workpiece after welding will not be annealed. This laser welding repair technology can not only be used to repair the wear of the mold, but also can realize the precision welding of small and precise areas, and there will be no deformation and pores after the repair, which greatly improves the aesthetics and performance of the mold. In addition, this laser welding machine can be perfectly combined with computer technology, which improves the degree of automation and can achieve more precise and efficient operations. Parameters ModelDS-LM60-3D/DS-LM80-3D Laser power60W/80W Pulse Repetition Frequency1-1000kHz Beam quality(銕?/p><1.6 Depth of engraving锛坉epend on material锛?/p><5mm Power consumption鈮?000W Operating voltageSingle phase AC 220V/110V 50/60HZ 5A Laser wavelength1064nm Working area100脳100脳60mm銆?50脳150脳60mm銆?/p> Repetition precision卤0.003mm Max engraving speed鈮?000mm/s Minimum line width0.01mm Marking methodStationary Marking , Flying Marking , Rotary Marking Character size0.5-110mm Cooling SystemAir Cooling Direction of Installing equipmentAny Cable of Length3m (5m optional) Working Temperature Range5-38鈩?/p> Working Humidity20%-80% Net Weight of machine46kg Dimension of Main Body锛圠脳W脳H锛?/p>480mm脳215mm脳450mm700mm脳320mm脳700mm Advantages The development of our various Mould Engraving Machine can basically meet the needs of the market and hold a large share in the market. Through market segmentation, our company has found some unsatisfied sub markets, which not only have great market potential, but also have weak competition. We have built a professional team with sincere unity and strong style, and become the most trusted partner of customers. The company provides a good working environment and development platform for employees with scientific and standardized management, and seeks common development and progress of employees and enterprises with the guidance of the enterprise spirit of “challenge life and never look back”, and strives to build a brand image. Samples FAQ Q1:Why we use mould engraving machine? A:The traditional mold processing procedures are cumbersome, the laser processing is controllable, the operability is simple, the labor is saved, and the cost is greatly reduced. Q2:Why choose us? A:We are a manufacturer, we have more than 10 years of equipment laser experience, and a professional service team. Q3: How we choose the material for mould engraving machine? A: It can do all kinds of metal almost ,different metal you will need use different laser power.Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sale website:

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