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About Us allows you to check the cost of your order using an online calculator. The flexible data you receive will depend on the details of your assignment, its scope and the time remaining before submission deadline.
It is important to know the background of all writers. Essayoneday employs 380 active writers. According to the web site, they all have Master’s or PhD degrees. The fact that they are all Masters or PhD-level writers means that we can trust them to help us. Their statistics also show that the company’s writing is rated at 9.5 out 10
Additional information is available on the FAQ page. These answers were compiled to help you save time and provide sufficient information about their service.
Work samples can help you gauge the quality of your writing. You can see the work samples for various citation styles so you can be sure that your citation flexibility is not just empty words. A number of Essayoneday clients have provided positive feedbacks that can help us estimate the quality and value of our works.

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