Can You Have an Easy Divorce

Family Law Divorce Lawyer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your Rights and Obligations

Divorce is one of the most emotionally draining and challenging experiences anyone can go through. In addition to the emotional turmoil, there are complicated legal aspects and processes you must navigate. Therefore, knowing the intricacies of divorce law is important for anyone going through the process.

Why is this important? You might ask! Understanding divorce law will significantly impact the case outcome and future family and financial arrangements.

Read through as we cover everything you need to know about divorce law, including the legal framework and post-divorce matters.

What Is the Legal Framework for Divorce?

Divorce operates under two acts in Calgary: Alberta’s Family Law Act and the Federal Divorce Act. Acceptable reasons for divorce include cruelty, adultery, or separation. To file, the spouse must have lived in Alberta for at least one year. Another important thing to note is that the Court of Queen’s branch is assigned to handle the proceedings.

After successful filing, documents are served to the other spouse, who will respond. Then, a resolution might occur through trial or agreement. Like in most states, the property division follows the equitable distribution formula.

Child support and custody adhere to the children’s best interests. That means financial support is calculated following federal guidelines. Seeking professional legal representation is advisable to navigate through the process effectively. It’s also the best way to protect your interests and rights.

Assets and Debts Division

Division of properties and debts is the most argumentative aspect of the process. Calgary is one of the states that follow equitable distribution principles when dividing marital assets.

This is where spouses get a fair but not necessarily equal distribution.

Therefore, spouses should differentiate between separate and marital property during asset division. Marital properties refer to the belongings obtained during marriage. On the other hand, separate assets include possessions obtained via inheritance, gift, or before marriage.

When getting divorced in Calgary, spouses often face challenges in defining marital assets and how they should be shared. Seeking professional legal assistance will help clarify these issues and ensure fair distribution.

What About Child Support and Custody

For spouses with kids, child support and custody are important aspects. In that case, custody arrangements will be determined through mediation, negotiation, or court intervention.

Typically, Calgary’s court will prioritize the best interests of the kids when making custody decisions. They will consider things like parental stability, involvement, and children’s preferences. On the other hand, child support is determined based on specific guidelines, considering things like the parents’ income, custody arrangements, and the children’s needs.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Also called spousal support, alimony will be given to one spouse to offer financial support after the divorce. The amount and type of alimony given will depend on things like the length of the marriage, each partner’s financial state, and other contributions to the marriage.

Legal Representation and Other Options

Seeking professional legal representation is important when going through a divorce. An experienced lawyer will offer valuable advocacy and guidance during the process. Nevertheless, some spouses might opt for other dispute resolution techniques like collaborative law or mediation to reach an agreement.


Understanding divorce law is vital for anyone going through this process. From the legal framework to post-divorce issues, knowing your obligations and rights will help you navigate this emotionally draining experience with clarity and confidence. Seeking legal help and exploring alternative dispute resolution techniques for a better outcome.

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