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DWI-Related Personal Injury Lawsuits and Immigration Consequences

If you are an immigrant or non-citizen of the United States and have been involved in a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) related personal injury lawsuit, you may be wondering what impact this could have on your immigration status. It is important to understand the potential risks of pursuing these types of claims, as it could lead to deportation.

Pursuing a DWI-related personal injury lawsuit raises a number of legal issues for immigrants in the United States. Depending on the facts of the case, an immigrant or non-citizen who has been injured by someone suspected of being impaired by alcohol could face deportation if they file a claim against that person. This is because certain crimes involving moral turpitude can trigger removal proceedings. These include assault, fraud, or any other type of criminal activity which involves intent to harm or deceive another person. Even if a conviction is not obtained, simply filing a claim which alleges such conduct may still be considered sufficient evidence to initiate removal proceedings against an immigrant or non-citizen. Expunge Your DWI Record

In addition, many states have laws that permit victims of DWI-related incidents to sue for punitive damages—damages meant to punish the defendant rather than compensate the plaintiff for their losses. Punitive damages are often seen as evidence that the plaintiff was attempting to “profit” from their injury and thus trigger deportation proceedings against them. As such, immigrants should think carefully before pursuing any type of lawsuit which involves punitive damages in order to avoid potential problems with their immigration status.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it would be best to seek professional legal advice and representation from a citizenship lawyer. Depending on whether you are a defendant or plaintiff, you may also need a more specific type of attorney such as a car accident lawyer to help with your settlement or a DWI lawyer to help with your defense.


If you are an immigrant or non-citizen and have been involved in a DWI-related personal injury lawsuit, it is important that you understand the potential risks associated with pursuing such claims. The consequences can be severe and could even lead to deportation if not handled carefully. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice from an experienced attorney who can help guide you through this process and ensure that your rights are protected at all times.  With proper guidance and representation by an experienced attorney, immigrants can feel confident in pursuing justice without fear of repercussions from immigration authorities.

This article explores how driving while intoxicated (DWI) and resulting personal injury lawsuits can affect an individual’s immigration status. Learn more about the legal consequences of being a party to a DWI-related lawsuit as an immigrant and how these cases are treated under U.S. immigration law.

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