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Do I Need A Defense Attorney For A First Time DUI?

DUI Talk: Do You Really Need a Defense Attorney in Fort Mill

It becomes difficult for someone to handle a DUI(Driving Under the Influence) case when he/she has very little experience or training to understand all the sides of the case including strengths and weaknesses. DUI law is continuously changing and becoming complicated day by day and every single case is difficult and unique at its level. So it is important to get help and the opinion of an experienced, skilled, professional, and valuable DUI lawyer in Fort Mill.

Most of the DUI Lawyers in Fort Mill give a free consultation to the clients and some of them charge handsome amounts according to the respective DUI cases. It is not necessary to hire a DUI lawyer you consult with but it is important to meet face to face so that you can understand the things whether it would work out with the lawyer you are the thing to hire.


Usually, the DUI is considered as “standard first DUI” when the offender has no prior convictions and when the offense did not involve any factors such as injuries, accidents, and high blood alcohol concentration or BAC. And in this when there is a case of a first-time DUI; there the standard offer plays the same role whether the case is represented by the public defender, a private attorney, or no attorney at all. So hiring an attorney in standard first DUI would not be worth it. But sometimes in case of complicated cases, it is important to have an opinion of a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer’s attorney in Fort Mill so that the attorney can look after the weaknesses of the case. So, before accepting any plea deal, it is good to have an attorney’s opinion.


All criminal defendants have the right to appoint or to take the opinion of an attorney but if you can’t afford to appoint a lawyer for yourself, the court will offer an attorney for you to appoint it. You can appoint an attorney normally from a public defender’s office. Public defenders usually handle criminal cases which also include several DUI cases. Some defendants feel that their case is not being handled with enough attention. Public defenders are believed to have good trial skills and experience because they take a lot of cases on trial. Public defender representation is sometimes limited to criminal court. A DUI arrest usually leads to mainly two administrative proceedings with DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and a criminal court case. Defendants who appoint public defenders will have to deal on their own with DMV proceedings.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to hire a DUI lawyer for you because of long-run legal issues which may continue for long years and include a lump sum amount to be involved in the particular case which also changes from a particular case. An experienced DUI plays a vital role in handling different cases and adapting the legal system in an efficient manner which automatically leads to less time and short trials. This efficiency is needed as it saves a lot of money and time in the long run.


It is important to appoint an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney who can understand the changing regulations, laws, and standards related to the particular DUI case which can automatically help in building a strong case in your defense. To make your case strong and have a trial you have to take advice and need an attorney to make your case strong and it would be difficult without an attorney. You feel more confident when you know that your case is being handled by a confident and experienced DUI lawyer in Fort Mill.


It is the work of each lawyer to ensure the lawful rights and opportunity of his/her customer, and most make a solid effort with that in mind. You need a Criminal Defense Attorneys Fort Mill who won’t just walk you through a supplication deal; however who will invest each energy to get the most ideal result – a lawyer who will “hit a homerun bat” as far as you might be concerned, as it were. You merit another opportunity on the off chance that you are liable; you merit a reasonable break if you are honest. Despite your circumstance, never face the results of driving impaired without the help and ability of committed criminal defense attorneys in Fort Mill or anyplace you face criminal arraignment. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

David W. Martin Law Group is one of the acclaimed firms throughout Fort Mill that specializes in criminal law. Their team is highly skilled and experienced to represent your case strongly before the criminal justice system. Moreover, this leading law firm also represents cases of administrative and education law who are faced with criminal charges. Their main objective is to safeguard their client’s rights and will do anything to ensure the client is treated fairly. The firm believes in personally investing to get the desired outcome of your case.

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