Dare county lawsuit settlements over the non-resident property owner’s rights

Dare county lawsuit settlements over the non-resident property owner’s rights

Dare county officials settled the non-residential property owner’s federal lawsuits claiming that the health emergency imposed by the Dare county government due to COVID-19 in March 2020 had violated their constitutional rights.

The lawsuits claimed that the health emergency had limited the access to their homes and the properties. The Federal settlement was then approved by the Board of Commissioner and restored the rights of the out-of-town property owners as the rights of the residents at the dare county. Allowing them to travel and move in the state freely.

Reasons behind Dare county lawsuits

The dare county lawsuits were filed in April last year against the travel restrictions and prohibition of the non-residents from entering the state due to the COVID-19 declaration. Plaintiffs alleged that Dare County’s coronavirus restrictions have implanted monetary damages as they were unable to visit their homes and their guest houses across the beach.

Dare county is a vacation spot and most of the United States residents travel across the state to have their vacation time at the huts and spend some time beside the beach. For this, they have to make arrangements and register the beach huts long before they actually visit the place.

With these coronavirus restrictions, not only visitors but the owners of the beach huts and properties who are non dare county residents had to face the restrictions to access their own properties.

Apart from limiting the access to their owned properties, the plaintiffs of the lawsuit claimed that due to the restricted declarations they have to return the funds that they have received from the travelers and were even not able to travel to our house to do repairs or furnish them for the new season.

A number of complaints have been filed against the declaration and several non-residential homeowners failed to receive the expected earnings and had to refund the reservations.

The suit said that the contended prohibition of entry breaches the US Constitutional rights of a US citizen provided in the Privileges and Immunities Clause. The clause says that every US citizen is eligible to travel freely, acquire the desired occupation, and avail of all the privileges that every citizen should have.

COVID situations after rights restored

After the Dare County Lawsuits were settled, the plaintiffs were able to travel to their lodges and properties. The county then implanted several checkpoints across the state to check the traveler’s health before they enter the county.

But due to the sudden elevated human transaction in the state, the COVID cases rapidly started increasing. As of 10th Sept 2021, the total number of active cases in Dare County, North Carolina is 1.28 million where the death count from March 2020 till the date is 15,019 where the most deaths occurred in Mecklenburg County with 1.074 deaths with 140k active cases.

The COVID-19 virus has spread predominantly all over the state and the big reason behind the surge has been blamed on close family meetings and continuous meetings of co-workers and friends. There was a 2% increase in the positive cases since last week.

COVID – 19 Vaccine

Keeping the increasing numbers in the account, the Dare county officials have launched COVID vaccine clinics so the citizens would not wait for their turn from the long vaccine list. It is quick and easy to register yourself online. Once registered, you will get a call and the concerned person will assign your vaccine appointment in the next 24 hours of the call. You can also email at covid19@derenc.com

Moreover, several pharmacies in the area are providing COVID vaccine including SunShine Family Pharmacy, Walgreens, Baer Drugs, Island Pharmacy, and Beach pharmacy. To save your time, check availability at your nearest pharmacy and make an appointment. Call the pharmacy before you visit as the available resources may be acquired.

According to the recent data, 66% of the Dare county North Carolina population (approx. 23,834) are fully vaccinated whereas 71.05% of the population (25,394) of the county have taken at least one dose. If you have not been vaccinated, visit the dare county official website and request a vaccine form to register online.

Key metrics
At Dare County, four key metrics are reviewed that are associated with the surveillance and the investigation of the disease. These metrics include:

  • Confirmed cases
  • Number of tests done
  • Rate of positive tests as per the rate of tests taken
  • Surveillance of the disease (COVID)

The past week Dare county has announced 21 new positive COVID cases that brought the total number of active cases in dare county to 4,940. Besides, it is also reported that the 7 individuals from the positive cases were fully vaccinated. The current updates about the active cases and the death tolls can be viewed at the dare county website.

Dare county Information about COVID-19

DHHS Dare county has established a medium of communication in the name of the website regarding active and recovery cases of COVID-19. On the website, every Tuesday an update on the current situations and the video including an overview of the past cases and comparison is issued.

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