Car Accidents Caused by Rain

What Are The Common Causes of Road Accidents

The number of people having accidents on roads each day has been steadily climbing year after year, and the trend is expected to continue. The government has passed legislation and instituted penalties to reverse the direction of increasing fatalities, which has reached alarming proportions.

Despite this, there has not been much reduction in the number of fatalities caused by accidents. If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll need a lawyer for car accidents on your side to fight for the compensation you’re entitled to under the law.

The following are the primary contributors to accidents that occur all over the world:

1.  Drunk Driving

It is normal to drink alcohol to celebrate any occasion. When combined with driving, however, celebrating becomes a misfortune. Concentration is hindered by alcohol. It reduces the human body’s reaction time. Limbs take longer to respond to brain commands. Due to dizziness, it impairs vision. Alcohol reduces fear and encourages people to take chances. All of these factors contribute to car accidents, which are often fatal. The risk of an accident doubles for every 0.05 increase in blood alcohol concentration. Aside from alcohol, numerous substances and treatments have an impact on driving skills and focus.

2.  Speeding

Accidents caused by speeding are typical for various reasons. The most common is getting to work on time, keeping up with traffic, and accidentally going faster than the posted speed limit.

3.  Conditions Of The Weather

Tires lose their ability to grip the road while driving on slick roads caused by precipitation such as rain, snow, or ice, which may lead to other cars or objects being collided with. Accidents caused by the weather may also be caused by factors such as fog, water levels, and wind speed.

4.  Vehicle Defects

Automobiles are made up of hundreds upon hundreds of different components, all of which work together to provide a secure and reliable ride. When there are so many moving components, though, it is not unheard of for them to get disorganized and malfunction.

5.  Reckless Driving

A few of the hallmarks of reckless driving include abruptly switching lanes, brazenly disrespecting the well-being and property of other drivers, and purposefully disobeying safety precautions.

6.  Aggressive Driving

In vehicular traffic, “aggressive driving” refers to any combination of traffic infractions that puts the safety of other drivers or property in jeopardy, including speeding.

7.  Multitasking While Driving

A driver’s focus must be at a hundred percent whenever they are behind the wheel of a car. Because the driver’s attention is being diverted from the road to do other tasks, such as chatting on a cell phone or listening to music via earbuds, this behavior might increase the driver’s risk of being involved in a car accident.

8.  The Condition Of The Motor Vehicle

The pitiful state of the automobiles driven on Indian roads is another contributor to the country’s high accident rate. There are a lot of cars in India that aren’t in good enough shape to be driven on the country’s roadways.

For instance, a vehicle might be operating on the road while not having the right tires, the car could be overweight, or the car could need repair but not receive it. Dangerous accidents in the country may be caused by various factors, including a break or engine failure, the bursting of the tire, etc.


It is possible for a driver’s ability to adequately respond, react, or perceive situations on the road can be impaired by sleepiness, drowsiness, or outright weariness.

Vehicle side-impact crashes, rear-end collisions, sideswipe collisions, vehicle rollovers, head-on collisions, single car accidents, and multiple vehicle pile-ups are the most frequent traffic accidents.

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