Can You Have an Easy Divorce

Can You Have an Easy Divorce?

The legal process of a divorce doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. There are a few key things a couple need to do to ensure their divorce is not a painful one.

In this blog, we’re going to explain how a couple can navigate both the personal and legal process of a divorce and come out the other side in a strong and positive place.

1.  Maintain Respectful Communication

When a couple separates it can be challenging to avoid arguments and look at the situation from the other person’s perspective. It’s important to maintain a level of respect and empathy with each other. Not only for the couple divorcing but the people around them, especially children.

In any legal proceedings, communication is crucial. This is especially important when dealing with something as personal as divorce. If you have a clear line of respectful communication, the divorce proceedings will be easier and you will have a better relationship post-divorce, which is so important if there are children involved.

2.  Counselling

One of the ways that helps to process the emotional impact of divorce is counselling. It can be extremely helpful during the formal divorce process and for building relationships once the divorce has been finalised. It allows a couple to discuss the challenges they faced in their relationship and are facing during the legal proceedings.

Counselling can help a couple to come to terms with the breakdown of a marriage and help to resolve any past issues. This is important if the couple has kids or relationships with step-children, as counselling can help a couple to work out a plan to move forward amicably.

3.  Choose the Right Lawyer

If a couple is looking to divorce, they will need to seek legal advice. The right lawyer will be an empathetic and experienced family lawyer. Someone who can guide the couple through the process in a non-judgemental and compassionate way. Getting legal advice as early as possible is recommended, so the clients understand the proceedings and are not uncertain about the process. This allows the couple and lawyers involved to have more constructive conversations that make the divorce proceedings less stressful and easier to navigate.

However, it’s important for a client not to take the first formal steps of the divorce process until their ready. A good family lawyer will advise their client on the process so you can decide a comfortable environment. Once a decision is made, a client’s legal representation can give them clear guidance so you feel at ease throughout the divorce.

4.  Be Honest

A couple must be honest to each other as well as their lawyers throughout the divorce process. If everyone involved in the process is honest, the divorce proceedings will be smooth and as simple as possible. This is because lawyers need to understand every challenge, so they can bring a quick resolution to the proceedings.

The Divorce Process Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

There is a misconception that divorce can’t be amicable. However, the legal aspect of a divorce is normally a simple process, where a lot of people discover issues is the resolution of financial agreements as well as childcare arrangements. One of the reasons this has changed is both people in a couple will now typically have financial independence.

This allows a couple to have the freedom to divorce amicably if they feel their relationship has come to an end. There is also a lot of information available about the impact of an unhappy relationship on people’s mental health and a child’s happiness and development. With an easy and amicable divorce, a couple can ensure everyone involved reaches a settlement that is best for everyone involved, both for the two partners and any children or stepchildren.

A divorce only works if each party has realistic and reasonable advice. This way a solution that is fair for everyone can be reached. With an empathetic family lawyer, a person seeking a divorce will have compassionate advice that can help someone navigate through the process.

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