7 Admissible Causes of Marital Breakdown in Australia

7 Admissible Causes of Marital Breakdown in Australia

No marriage is perfect. In fact, relationships are always good in the beginning. However, the level of mutual understanding and intimacy may eventually fall down for some reasons – mostly due to long-term marital relationships. Statistics show that there is a continuous increase of divorce rate in Australia since 1975, the year when act of  Family Law has been declared in the country. This type of principle covers all family-related issues including: relationships (same-sex is involved), financial and property agreements, parenting style, child custody, and divorce.

There are couples that experience common difficulties in relationship that can lead to complete separation. But not everyone is given the grant of filing for divorce. Before getting into the toxic  process, there are certain grounds that shall be met by both parties concerned. The most acceptable rule of divorce effectivity is the so-called ‘irretrievable marriage’ wherein couples must be completely separated for at least twelve (12) consecutive months, starting on the actual date of separation up to the last day of twelve-month counting. This is one of the most important requirements that is worthy of consideration in order to push through with the desired legal separation. If you are going through any of the following admissible causes of marital breakdown, might as well, you will be needing some legal advice from expert family lawyers who can help you settle the case. DIVORCE MEDIATION: FEW FACTS ONE NEEDS TO KNOW

  • Abuse

Four types of abuse can break the harmonious relationship of married couples. This can be in the form of physical, emotional or sexual assault and illegal drug-related violence. According to research, 95% of abuse victims are women approximately. But this can also be the other way around. Result of physical abuse can be derived from severe injuries that leave lumps and scars on the body. While emotional abuse can be in a way of taking away the victim’s self-esteem through bullying, verbal abuse, and  isolation. Although intimacy is part of marriage, forcing the spouse for sexual pleasure can be subjected for sexual harassment. On the other hand, illegal drug-related violence is also reiterated to physical abuse due to illegal drug in-take of the abusive spouse.

  • Physical / Mental Health Issues

These issues are also causes of divorce filing. Health-related issues can create a wide space between two married persons. Things will not be normal and easy if one of the couple is going through toxic diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS, and psychological incapacity.

  • Loss of Connection

Time and communication plays a vital role in any intimate relationship. It is proven that spending time with your partner can build a strong foundation that saves all relationships from changing paths. However, missing conversations and mutual sense of appreciation can possibly ruin everything. Loss of connection to each other can be a valid reason for legal separation of two persons involved.

  • Financial Crisis

A problem relating to money and expenditures is said to be third of the most common factors why men/women leave their spouses. Financial stability is very important in marriage especially in building a family, raising their children, satisfying basic commodities and settling of bills. Otherwise, insufficient source of funds can lead to a fight, and worse, to separation of parents.

  • Infidelity

No husband or wife will be any happier to witness their other half cheating or simply not telling the truth. For all that, infidelity is no longer a new topic on discussing breakups since almost all break-up stories are caused by a simple or severe lie.

  • Constant Arguments

Constant argument is a fuel of fire – an aspect that causes a poor union. This is doubtless sickening for most couples especially if they argue on the same old issues over and over again. The more arguments they have, the more it triggers the couple to give up on one another. Sadly, this may result to cutting off a marriage contract.

  • Failure to Meet High Expectations

Before you marry your partner, there must be a lot of high expectations that you wish to pursue in the long run. A dream house, luxurious honeymoon, expensive dinner cruise for anniversaries; however, there could be chances that your spouse might not be able to reach those expectations over time. Failure to do so can surely result to disappointing outcomes.

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