What Happens If Police Don’t Read Your Miranda Rights

Miranda Warning is the legal right of an arrested person to refuse to answer questions and have an attorney during interrogation. Research presented by the University of North Texas professor at APA’s 2011 Annual Convention found that about 1 million criminal cases in the US are compromised yearly since the suspects are unaware of their constitutional rights. Another study found that out of 9.2 million arrests in 2009, about 10% or 976,000 were compromised by the Miranda Rights issue. Police also do not explain well since they are under the misconception that defenders understand their Miranda rights. Arrestees also often feel that they know their rights and do not listen.

But it is vital since Miranda rights safeguard criminal suspects from law enforcement and remind them of the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights before police questioning. Read on for a detailed discussion of what happens if you were not given the warning.

Custodial Interrogation

The court will consider multiple factors before determining if the custodial environment was coercive and compelling. These are taken into account to assure that the conversation was consensual before proceeding further. Also, it can help the court understand the psychological and physical restraints on a person’s freedom during the cross-questioning session.

  • The place of questioning or the setting.
  • Usage of physical force before or during the session.
  • The duration and style (threatening or friendly) of the interview.
  • The time of the interview (odd hours point at custody)

Most courts use a system called Reasonable Person Standard to determine if the custody was valid. This means that if another person in the same situation as the accused would have felt free to leave after the conversation. If yes, then they were not in custody. At this point, the Miranda Right might be exercised.

What Happens if the Rights Were Not Read?

The Supreme Court defines interrogation as ‘express questioning or its functional relevant’. Anything said during this period, without a Miranda warning, is ruled inadmissible. This is done since constant pressure and stress might put you at risk of saying anything that could damage your case. However, the case is not automatically ruled out neither you are protected against the offense but the only statement will be suppressed due to what is known as procedural error. This is termed a Motion to Suppress and is usually filed by the criminal defense attorney. But how to ensure this motion is a success? Try to keep the arrest timeline in mind or jot down the event sequences. If your friend or knowns have recorded a video of your arrest, try to preserve it securely.

Legal Arrest Protocols

The police are not required to read the Miranda terms and conditions before an arrest. You can be asked questions and responses may be used in court. The rights are truly relevant when someone is in custody and is subject to interrogation. By custody, it is the restriction of freedom of action in any definite manner and is not solely limited to being held inside a police car or station. The officer must let you know of the following components:

  1. You can remain quiet during the investigation without explanation. However, you can answer a few personal questions like name and date of birth.
  2. Statements given during this period may be used against you at trial in case the questioning session has not begun yet.
  3. You have the right to a highly qualified and seasoned lawyer for yourself.
  4. They will be provided by the government in case you cannot afford the services on your own.

Attorneys strictly instruct you to keep your mouth shut since the accused often end up revealing information that can be used as incriminating ‘evidence of guilt’. People charged with crimes feel that their case will be dismissed if the Miranda rights are not recited. But that is not true. For instance, if the police detain you for driving under the influence of drugs and you admit the same, the case can be subjected to action. No Miranda warning is required since you were not under custody at this point.

Having clear knowledge can help save yourself from harassment. For example, if the police start questioning you before briefing you on Miranda rights, then it is a violation of your rights. The best way out is to talk to a professional and take their advice since laws can differ from state to state.

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Ways To Prevent Time Theft in The Workplace

How to Manage Time Theft in the Digital, Remote Work Era

Meta Description: What is time theft and how should you deal with it? Here’s what you need to know about time theft and handling these misbehaviors in a remote work setup.

In a pandemic-stricken world, most offices shifted to work-from-home setups. Employers had no way to make sure that their employees actually work during office hours.

This resulted in time theft where employers pay even for the time that isn’t spent on doing work. Time theft could be accidental or on purpose. Regardless, it should be addressed as soon as it comes up. This is to prevent employees from thinking that it’s okay to slack off at work just because they aren’t actually being monitored.

Facts About Time Theft

Time theft is actually a form of misconduct. And it could get you fired from your job.

Occasional short work breaks are fine. They’re normal, even. But if these breaks take longer than a few minutes, it’s considered time theft.

If you’re spending too much work time browsing through social media, you’re also committing time theft.

And that’s a serious problem. A few minutes off work from time to time may seem harmless at first. But even a few extra punched minutes into an employee’s timesheet could cost the company a lot.

These few minutes could add up to weeks’ worth of not working in a year. Employees might be tempted to slack off at work thinking that they can get away with it.

Spending work hours doing something else unrelated to work isn’t ethical. It shouldn’t be tolerated in any workplace.

How to Manage and Prevent Time Theft

If you start noticing questionable behaviors from your employees, you should act immediately. Here are some ways to manage and prevent time theft in a remote work setup.

Inform Your Team

Since the work-from-home setup is relatively new for most of us, employees could cause time theft accidentally. It would only be fair to come up with policies that could help address and prevent time theft.

Set up a meeting with your team to discuss time theft in remote work areas. Define the behaviors that would be considered time theft. Let your team know of the possible consequences of time theft.

Make sure your approach isn’t accusatory. The goal is to inform your team and keep them from committing time theft. You shouldn’t make your team feel like they’re being lectured on misbehaviors that they might not be aware of.

Use Software to Track Time

Make sure you use reliable software to track work hours among your employees. It should be easy to navigate. It should also be automated to avoid manipulation and adjustments of work time.

Your employees should also be able to see everything that gets tracked. This is so that you can be transparent about the information you’re basing on. Through this, employees can also see where they could improve.

Communicate With Your Team Properly

Let them know when overall productivity is taking a dip. Check-in on them and listen to their concerns. Take these into account and try to address the issues as much as you can.

Your aim should be to help them where they’re having a hard time. This would make your employees feel less antagonized.

You’d also be creating a healthier work environment for everyone when you listen to your team’s inputs. And while you’re at it, make sure to consider these inputs in decision-making.

Time Theft in Remote Work Setups

Time theft may be a tricky thing to handle. It’s hard to prove time theft unless you have solid evidence against an employee. If you need advice on how to address time theft cases in your company, get in touch with employment lawyers.

But again, here are the ways to manage and prevent time theft in remote work setups:

  • Inform your team about time theft and the behaviors that are linked to it. Discuss policies on time theft so that your team becomes aware of its consequences.
  • Use reliable software to track work hours and productivity. It should be user-friendly. The reports should also be available to the employees so they can see where they need to improve.
  • Communicate with your team and ask them where they’re having problems. Listen to their inputs. Take these into consideration when you decide on certain things.

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Effects of Divorce on Children

How Your Divorce May Impact Your Child 

Divorce might be a word that defines ‘to be separated out. We know that for kids, their parents are heroes. When their heroes get separated, they feel worse and sad.

In this post, Gold Coast Solicitors discuss how divorce impacts children. 

  • The first year is the most difficult: When their parents split, the first few days can be challenging and difficult for their children. They are going through a phase that no words can describe, but it is causing them to become angry, anxious, and suspicious. Sometimes, after a period of struggle, kids begin to return to normalcy, with the help of their parents, of course. However, for some children, life never indeed returns to normal. They carry a resentment within them that reflects their characteristics throughout their lives.
  • Emotional impact based on age: Divorce always generates a torrent of emotions, and the entire family is dissolved. Were the youngsters refusing to accept the facts of separation, and parents didn’t comprehend the outpouring of their children’s emotions? So they are angry, confused, and frustrated the entire time.
  • Youth: When it comes to youth, they are the most perplexing stage since they are not in the state to accept anything. They always get separated in two homes, and why do they have to travel to one of many fathers and mothers rather than live totally with them? The more kids notice that their father and mother are unloving to one another, the more fearful they are that their parents may cease loving them.
  • Junior school: This is the development period for juveniles aged 12 to 15. And at these phases, they always require the support of family. When parents get divorced, they each receive their own home. They require more significant support and affection from family during this time, but separation divides their feelings and emotions. And the emotional damage may lead children to assume they are to blame for their parents’ divorce. It constantly makes people feel guilty, which affects their overall confidence.
  • Teenage: Teenagers are the most turbulent age group. Children of this age group are always vocal in their parents’ opinions. When they are conflicted, they express their rage. In this case, they react by resenting one or both parents. This resentment creates a schism and temporarily separates them from their parents. If the parents are divorcing, the teen years are the most vulnerable and require excellent attention and affection. However, each family’s and each child’s circumstances are unique. Children may benefit from a better environment if the divorce minimizes the number of conflicts and brings calm to both families.
  •  Emotional breakdown: Divorce can bring a variety of emotions to the surface in a family, including the children. This transition causes feelings of rage, perplexity, worry, loss, and a variety of others. Most youngsters are emotionally sensitive and stressed due to their parents’ divorce. Children frequently require an outlet for their feelings and even someone to communicate to and who will listen to them. They may have insecurities, which may manifest as more significant substance misuse, premature sexual engagement, increased loneliness, separation from individuals who are important to them, etc.
  • Health difficulties: Given the additional stress of divorce on children, it’s no wonder that these issues, especially physical issues, can have a toll on them. Children who have been through a divorce are more susceptible to illness, some of which can be caused by factors such as a lack of sleep. Other symptoms, such as depression, may also exacerbate the sense of loss.
  • Poor academic performance: Children from divorced households perform worse in school on average, particularly in the first few years after their parents’ divorce. The shifting dynamics of the family may leave many people perplexed and frustrated. Less parental monitoring and more financial stress are also issues.
  • Social challenges and peer pressure: We all know that divorce and inspiration are never acceptable in society. And as a result of this circumstance, children are affected every day when adults make fun of them and tease them in every way, making them feel alone and lonely. First, children deal with their emotions and begin to struggle with some societal rules. Even research reveals that divorced children are socially disadvantaged. They may find it more difficult to relate to others, be more aggressive, and have fewer social contracts. Their peers can readily influence them as well.
  • Sense of betrayal in marriage, love, and commitment: We all know that children mimic their parents’ actions. The learning outcome in this example is neither predictable nor straightforward. However, if we assume one, children may lose faith in love, connection, and commitment. Because they see their parents’ love and dedication and are abruptly separated, their hopes are split in two: one has one pleasant memory, and the other has one awful memory. This poor recall affects children’s minds, causing them to lose faith in relationships, break trust in marriages, and never believe in commitment.

Do you have children? Do you require divorce support for your children?

We understand that you may have concerns regarding your kid even after a divorce. If you are always looking for assistance, call Gold Coast Lawyers. They assist you in the divorce procedure and your children in overcoming the situation.

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Preparing Plaintiff in Medical Malpractice Case

Bronx personal injury lawyer

Patients who have been hurt or wounded as a result of inadequate medical care or a misdiagnosis by a medical provider such as a doctor, nurse, technician, hospital, or medical staff seek medical malpractice lawsuits.

Whether a medical professional was “negligent,” or failed to give adequate care, is usually determined by whether the patient would have gotten the same quality of care from another medical provider under comparable circumstances.

While the majority of healthcare workers strive to give the best level of care to all patients, things sometimes go horribly wrong.

Medical malpractice compensation may be available if someone has suffered a loss or harm as a result of poor medical care, misdiagnosis, lack of consent, or a breach of doctor-patient confidentiality.

Medical malpractice lawyers from different law firms can help prepare your case.

How to Prepare for a Medical Malpractice Case

Preparing for a medical malpractice case is very simple and with Bronx truck accident lawyer law firm it is easier.

1.      Make certain you’re pursuing the appropriate goal.

Consider why you want to bring a lawsuit against a healthcare provider. One of the most important things you’ll do during the litigation process is figuring out why. The reason for a person’s desire to sue will influence the nature of the litigation process and may even influence the final outcome. Medical malpractice cases should only involve medical negligence that causes injury.

2.      Do you have a physical ailment?

Remember that just because your healthcare professional has angered you or made a small mistake isn’t enough. The Negligent Act Must Have Caused Injury. Medical misconduct is not always a result of carelessness.

A successful medical malpractice lawsuit attorneys require the plaintiff (you) to demonstrate that the health care provider breached the standard of care (for example, wrongful conduct occurred), that the breach directly caused injury to you, and that you suffered identifiable damages as a result of the breach.

You should think about whether your harm was caused directly by your healthcare provider’s actions or inaction. You’re on the correct road if you feel you can prove these statements.

3.      Gather as much information as possible.

During your initial consultation with your medical malpractice lawyer, you can expect to do a lot of talking and explaining. Your lawyer will need all of the details concerning your possible lawsuit. Medical malpractice lawsuits are no exception to the norm that all legal cases must be founded on evidence. As a consequence, it’s vital that you gather your information and papers ahead of time to ensure that the procedure runs well.

This implies that you should compile a list of healthcare providers who have treated you for the condition that is the basis of your claim. You’ll also need to be able to provide a summary of the relevant medical treatment.

Also, gather all pertinent medical correspondence and documents to bring to your attorney’s office. You might also take the initiative and make a list of questions for your lawyer.

Is it Time to File a Medical Malpractice Case? An attorney can assist you.

An expert attorney will be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your case and advise you on how to proceed.

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Common Risk Factors for Teen Drivers

Driving is a milestone for any teenager and comes with a long list of new responsibilities. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving safely requires practice, concentration, and the ability to focus attention on the road without becoming distracted.

Because teenage drivers have less experience than other more seasoned drivers, they are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Even a teenager who has gone through a driver’s education course, who has spent a lot of time behind the wheel, and who understands the importance of defensive driving might be less equipped to react correctly in a dangerous situation.

Most common risks of Teen Drivers

There are certain risks that are more prevalent when it comes to teenage drivers. These could include:

Driving while distracted

One of the most common dangers when it comes to teenage drivers is distracted driving. Distracted driving refers to any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from the task at hand, keeping their eyes and focus on the road. Teenagers are especially prone to distracted driving when they are using their cell phones to text, send pictures, and post to social media.

Inexperience results in slower reaction time – The simple fact that teenagers have fewer hours on the road means that they are at a higher risk of reacting incorrectly when faced with a sudden and dangerous situation while driving. For example, they might be unsure of how to react when someone makes a sudden lane change without turning on their blinker, or they might be a bit slower to react when faced with poor road conditions due to bad weather.

Drinking and driving

The teenage years are a time for exploring and having fun, but unfortunately, many teens also take this as a time to engage in illegal activities like underage drinking. This can quickly lead to other poor decisions like getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks. Drinking and driving are dangerous to everyone involved, and when coupled with an inexperienced driver, the results can lead to serious injury.

Night driving with reduced visibility

Driving at night is different than driving when the roads are clearly lit. Driving when it is dark out takes additional concentration and the driver must pay careful attention.  Inexperienced teenage drivers are at risk of injuring a pedestrian or another driver at night when it is more difficult to see the surroundings.

Red Light Awareness

According to the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR), a glaring number of drivers run red lights. This is why they are once again raising awareness to stop at red lights through the annual National Stop on Red Week. This campaign is designed to raise awareness about the hazards of running red lights and how it causes car accidents.

Approximately 850 people were killed in 2019 due to crashes involving red-light running, according to the NHTSA. The top cause of crashes in urban settings in the U.S. is red-light running, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

In addition, the NCSR says that 1 in 3 people in the U.S. know at least one person who got injured or was killed in a crash involving running a red light. This might be just a number, but that number represents a human life that was taken away in an instant because a negligent driver decided to run a red light.

Speak with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Right Away

If you or someone you know has been injured by a teenage driver, the situation can be incredibly frustrating. Your priority should be finding a car accident attorney that understands the difficulties of dealing with injuries sustained in an accident with a teenage driver.

Teenage drivers are typically a bit inexperienced, and it is easy to start imagining that the accident might not have occurred with a more seasoned driver.

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Road Hazards Can Cause Motorcyclists to Crash

Drivers are not the only parties responsible for motorcycle crashes, as road hazards can also lead a motorcyclist to lose control and suffer injuries. Discuss what happened and your legal rights with a motorcycle accident attorney today.

Motorcycles offer many advantages that include fewer parking hassles, greater fuel efficiency, and a closer connection with the open road. Unfortunately, however, you’re also far more vulnerable to road hazards when you’re on your bike. If you’ve been injured as a result of a negligence-based road hazard, it’s time to consult with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

Bikers Are More Vulnerable to Road Hazards

Your bike connects you to the road with two fewer wheels than most other vehicles, which means that you are not only less securely tethered to the roadway than they are but that you must also take balance issues into careful consideration. Road hazards, however, are a fact of driving, and when you’re balancing on two wheels, they are a more significant concern. When the road hazard that leaves you injured is caused by someone else’s negligence, that person or entity may be held responsible for the damages you suffer.

Debris on the Roadway

Debris on roadways is not uncommon, but when a motorcyclist suddenly encounters dangerous debris, it can result in a motorcycle accident. While some debris is inevitable, such as falling leaves and other natural hazards, other forms of dangerous debris are sometimes the result of negligence, including in the following scenarios:

  • When a truck driver fails to adequately secure his or her load, it can lead to terrifying spills.
  • When motorists fail to adequately tie-down or otherwise secure a piece of furniture, an appliance, or anything else that they’re hauling, the aftermath can prove deadly for motorcyclists.
  • Road construction companies are responsible for doing their important work without littering the roadway with dangerous debris. Further, they are responsible for warning motorists, including motorcyclists, about all impending dangers like equipment or any other obstacles on the road.

Rough Roads

Municipalities, counties, cities, and towns are all responsible for maintaining specific roadways in safe conditions for traffic to pass over, and this traffic includes motorcycles. When the municipality or other entity is aware that there is a safety concern, it is responsible for rectifying the issue – or at least for providing unsuspecting motorists with a warning about the upcoming concern.

Roadways that become dangerously worn, that don’t receive adequate maintenance (including clean up after fierce storms), and/or that have a height differential between lanes all increase the risk that a motorcycle accident will happen. Further, even an act such as laying gravel over pavement – without providing oncoming traffic with an adequate warning – can lead to serious motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to road hazards like loose gravel, which makes the roadway less secure and, therefore, more difficult to balance.

Potholes and Weather Are Two Big Dangers

The biggest danger for motorcycles is potholes, as bikes cannot absorb the shock that these cause. In addition, the motorcyclist is low to the ground and may not be able to see the potholes to avoid them. The same goes for other road hazards that the biker is not able to spot in time. They might not have the vantage point necessary to see things before they are practically right on top of them.

Motorcycles are also more susceptible to slippery roads than other drivers. Slick surfaces will cause the driver to slide, especially when making turns or changing lines. This increases the chance that they are thrown from their bike. The instant a motorcyclist loses much of their traction from slippery roads, the driver can crash and will be thrown from their bike.

Government agencies can be held liable in a lawsuit for certain road hazards. Of course, they are not guarantors of perfect road conditions, but they can face injury claims when they delay in fixing known potholes or take too long to clear ice from the road after storms. Even if you were in a one-vehicle accident, you should discuss whether you have a case for negligent maintenance of roads with your attorney.

You Need a Dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer on Your Side

A road hazard can mean the difference between a safe ride and a dangerous motorcycle accident. If the road hazard that leaves you injured was caused by someone else’s negligence, a motorcycle accident lawyer with the experience, legal insight, and fortitude to help.


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How To Choose The Correct solicitor For Your Family Law Matter

If you are facing family law issues you always need a Family Solicitor. The first question came into mind that is why we need them?

Without any doubt, we can say this if we have a family solicitor with our side is always helpful. A family law solicitor is needed when a couple divorces because they help in important legal decisions, property, liabilities, and other financial matters that have been made.

And the second question comes into mind: how to choose the family solicitors?

For your convenience, Toowoomba Family lawyer is providing advice on how to select the best in your case; regardless of where you live: 

Locate a Solicitor in your area:

It would be beneficial always to find a family solicitor in your area. It always places you close to a location. You can contact them quickly because they are only a few steps away. We understand that your solicitor must be familiar with the laws and practices in your specific state and county. A solicitor from outside your area may be unable to assist you effectively. 

Locate a solicitor with the Required Experience:

Right Solicitors have a lot of experience, and we know that the right solicitor knows how to handle cases and collect documents. And they are well-versed in the divorce process, money management decisions, property, liabilities, and other financial issues. For the best possible outcome, it is critical to find a family solicitor who acknowledges and has expertise in the field in your particular family law scenario.

Word of mouth: First, ask friends, c, and solicitors you know (even if they don’t do family law) for recommendations or for solicitors to avoid. Be cautious here, though, because most people hate the solicitor on the other side of the case. A stern caution to avoid a certain solicitor should be met with questions, such as why they feel that way? If it is because they lost big to that solicitor, then add that solicitor’s name to your list of candidates.

Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations:

Firstly, ask your friends, colleagues, and family members if they know any reliable and trustworthy solicitors. We know that recommendations are always helpful and avoid some negative results but help get stunning results.

  • Ask your family friends these questions:
  • Are solicitors is good or not?
  • Is it solicitors who have experience?
  • Why resonating him/her?
  • Are solicitors is trustworthy?

Make sure you feel considered valuable and listened to:

It is critical that your solicitor listens to you and gives you time to comprehend the suggestions they provide you. You should not feel criticized or talked down to when chatting with your solicitor; you are their client and deserve special treatment.

Search in thousand of options:

If you have no idea then go online. Online websites are the best option. With Google ranking, you choose the best options. Nowadays, solicitor makes their websites and upload their all information. We can easily check their website and we can make up our mind. Even clients have their personal reviews option where we can read all the good and bad reviews. So, consider both the positive and negative reviews, and then decide whether it is worthwhile to speak with that solicitor or firm.

Before you hire a solicitor, conduct the following interviews:

Often, law companies will offer a free initial meeting so that you can get a sense of who the solicitor is and whether or not you want to work with them. Find another one if you don’t feel at ease with the solicitor you’re speaking with, or if you don’t comprehend what they’re saying! There are far too many excellent solicitors out there for you to settle for a substandard one! It’s your family, money, and future, so you need to be completely satisfied with them.

Inquire about fees:

Different law firms bill in different ways, and we all want to receive the best value in legal expenses. Some provide fixed-fee services, regular hourly pricing, or deferred payment agreements. Find a solicitor who offers adaptable solutions that will meet your requirements.

Call for a free consultation:

Once you’ve narrowed selected some of the solicitors, then arrange a  simple conversation or talk with each solicitor. We know that many solicitors now provide free consultations. You should inquire whether one is accessible.

If a solicitor does not provide a free consultation, you may be able to acquire one for a discounted charge.

If you are not satisfied with your final list of prospects, return to that solicitor again and go on to the next person on the list or try a different solicitor.

If you are looking for a solicitor to represent you in a personal injury case, consider asking questions over the phone rather than booking a face-to-face meeting.

Go with your gut instinct!

If you want to choose the best solicitor, go with your gut instinct. Contact Family Law Solicitors Toowoomba if you require assistance. They are the best at managing problems and giving you sound counsel in any situation.

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