What Are the Differences Between Careless and Dangerous Driving?

The road can be a dangerous place whether you’re a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorist. Many road deaths are caused due to someone else’s actions. While any person can cause a road traffic accident, motorists are most at risk of causing a serious accident. Vehicles can be extremely dangerous, especially if the driver acts in a negligent manner. There’s a reason why people need to undergo thorough driving examinations and why using the road is heavily regulated by laws.

Fatal road accidents caused by another person can be split into two categories: death by careless driving and death by dangerous driving. Careless and dangerous driving does not suggest an intent to harm someone, which is why it’s called an accident. But with that said, it is still a serious act of negligence. Dangerous driving is clearly the more severe offense and will lead to harsher consequences. However, both careless and dangerous driving can be impactful behaviors and may lead to loss of life. It’s useful to know the differences between the two to ensure you behave like a safe and competent road user.

Fatal Accident Claims is a specialist solicitor service that helps clients with a wide range of accident claims, including road accidents, asbestos-related diseases, and fatal work accidents. They offer victims and relatives advice and claims management support to help them come to terms with their serious injuries or tragic loss. Fatal Accident Claims have provided us with information on the differences between careless and dangerous driving, including the potential penalties and how you can make a compensation claim.

What is Careless Driving?

Careless driving is defined as driving below the minimum standard expected of a competent and careful driver. While the type of actions that fall under this category can be complex and open to interpretation, it is ultimately about falling below the minimum standards. Careless driving can typically be summed up as acting with undue care and attention or having a brief lapse of judgment or concentration. If you drive carelessly, you are doing so without reasonable consideration for other road users.

There are several examples of careless driving. For starters, driving too close to another vehicle, also known as tailgating, would fall under this category. Accidentally running a red light, overtaking on the inside, or suddenly braking would be other examples. Turning into the path of another vehicle or failing to properly assess your surroundings is also careless. Being distracted by the radio, phone, eating or smoking may also fall under careless driving but depending on your specific actions, could also be classed as dangerous driving.

What is Dangerous Driving?

While careless driving is described as driving below the minimum standard, dangerous driving is defined as falling far below the expected standards of a competent driver. Dangerous driving is to operate a vehicle in a completely negligent manner, endangering both yourself and others. Again, there may be some debate as to what constitutes a dangerous action versus a careless one, but it comes down to judgment on how far below the person’s standards have slipped. To be convicted of dangerous driving, there must be significant evidence showing that they were responsible for the accident and are judged to have driven dangerously.

One of the most common examples of dangerous driving is racing with others, driving at excessive speed, or driving aggressively. If you operate a vehicle while aware of a serious fault, then this would also be considered dangerous. Other examples include intentionally ignoring traffic lights or road signs, driving on the hard shoulder, or driving with an unsafe load. Driving while unfit, such as experiencing eyesight issues, is also dangerous. Last but certainly not least, driving while uninsured, disqualified, or under the influence are three of the most serious examples of dangerous driving.

The Penalties for Driving Carelessly or Dangerously

Driving dangerously or carelessly is a serious offense that comes with hefty penalties. Punishments can vary depending on several factors, including what careless or dangerous actions led to the action. A history of offenses and points on a driver’s license can also increase the punishment handed down.

Generally speaking, for careless driving in the UK, you can expect to at least pay a £100 fine and receive three points on your license. If your case goes to court, you may receive as much as a £5,000 fine and a nine-point penalty. The maximum sentence is 5 years in prison and disqualification from driving for a minimum of 1 year. If convicted of careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs, the maximum sentence is 14 years in person, an unlimited fine, and disqualification for a minimum of 2 years. As for death by dangerous driving, you can expect to be hit with a two-year disqualification and 1-14 years imprisonment. You may also be ordered to pay an unlimited fine and receive three to eleven penalty points.

If the incident transcends that of an accident, then the driver may also be convicted with the more serious charge of murder or manslaughter. In this case, the driver can face life imprisonment and at least years disqualification from driving.

Claiming for Death by Careless Driving

As well as a criminal conviction, a driver guilty of death by careless driving may be liable to pay civil compensation. Losing a loved one is not only tough because of the emotional distress, but also because of the financial problems that death can cause. There may be additional fees to pay such as medical costs and funeral expenses. Therefore, compensation is essential to help the family come to terms with the loss and help them cope financially.

The process of making death by careless driving compensation claim begins by speaking to a solicitor firm who will listen to what you have to say and offer advice on how you can move forward. Solicitors work on your behalf to support you and help you claim the maximum amount of compensation. They will investigate the accident to build the strongest possible case, and most solicitors operate on a No Win, No Fee basis so you only pay if the claim is successful.

There are several types of compensation that you can claim, including the bereavement award and a dependency claim. The bereavement award provides a statutory amount to close relatives while the dependency claim is awarded on the basis that essential services have been taken following the death. Compensation is usually made against the driver’s insurance company. If they have no insurance, then it will be dealt with by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau or a court judge.


Author Bio:

Mark Boyle
Mark is a content writer at Fatal Accident Claims, a specialist firm of solicitors based in the United Kingdom. Fatal Accident Claims helps people claim compensation for a wide range of services, including fatal work accidents, dependency claims, asbestos-related diseases, and road accidents.

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First Meeting With a Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer


Using a Personal Injury Lawyer in Colorado for the First Time

When you are working with a personal injury lawyer in Colorado for the first time, we understand you might have some concerns about the services we offer and how we can help you. Keep reading as we share everything you need to know about working with our team and how we can help you following an accident in the Colorado area.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Colorado Do?

When someone sustains an injury, or their property is damaged due to someone else’s actions, you’ll want to use a personal injury lawyer to protect yourself. You are covered for this type of incident under personal injury law, which discusses everything to do with damages and liability. Most cases begin by trying to find out who is at fault, and the liability for the accident will discover who will pay for the damages. These damages can be huge for someone to cover, which is why we always recommend working with a personal injury lawyer if you are the victim of an accident. This will ensure you get the full amount of compensation you are entitled to and can cover your medical expenses or the time off you might need to have from work.

What Damages Are Covered After an Accident?

While no two cases that we work on as personal injury lawyers in Colorado are exactly the same, there are some common themes when it comes to the compensation of these cases. Most injuries will have expensive hospital bills, which we can work to cover. As well as the bills you’ve already received, you need to keep in mind the cost of potential future treatments and how you’ll cover these in the future. Physical therapy might be needed for many months or years to come, and you might also require medical equipment to help you walk or get around.

Loss of income is something that many of us neglect to think about following an accident. You may find that your ability to work is greatly reduced and that you won’t be able to work as many hours as you did in the past if you are still in pain or recovery. If you were involved in a car crash, your vehicle might need to be replaced. Personal injury lawyers also help with family members who have been in accidents and will ensure funeral and burial costs are covered for cases involving wrongful death.

You’ll also want to think about the non-economic damages that you might experience in the future, including mental and emotional health conditions. These can set you back greatly in your life and stop you from working and enjoying the same quality of life as you did previously. You didn’t ask to be in the accident, so remember that you are fully entitled to the compensation that you receive. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Colorado will work with you to ascertain the level of compensation you should be aiming for and fight for you to receive that amount.

How Can We Help You?

Now that you know the basics about how our firm can help you and what we offer let’s take a look at how we can help you to receive the full compensation you are entitled to. We are very experienced at working with insurance companies that are reluctant to pay out the full amount you deserve. We always will have your best interests in mind, and we understand the challenges that many people face after incidents. We’ll happily take your case to trial if this is the required course of action so that you get everything you deserve following your incident.

When recovering from an accident, the last thing you need is extra stress and hassle each day. For that reason, we encourage you to pass over the paperwork and the stress of dealing with the insurance company to our team, who will leave you to rest and recuperate following this horrible time in your life. A personal injury lawyer in Colorado will always be on your side and do everything we can to ensure that you can return to your usual quality of life as soon as possible.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of services and will be here to support you during any stage in your life. For more information about working with a personal injury lawyer in Colorado or to discuss your recent accident or incident, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and work with you to secure the full amount of compensation you deserve. We understand how stressed you are probably feeling at this current time and will work to take the hassle out of your hands so you can relax and get back to enjoying your life once again.

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What to Do Following a Car Accident

Following a car accident, we know that a million thoughts are rushing through your mind about what you should be doing. Contacting a Macon car accident lawyer is one of the first things you should do after an accident, and our team can offer you the advice and support you need to ensure you take the right steps to protect yourself moving forward. Keep reading as we share the first steps anyone should take after an accident.

Call the Police

As a Macon car accident lawyer, you’ll be surprised how many people visit us without speaking to the police first. At the accident scene, you’ll want to immediately call 911 to alert the police about your accident. They will then be able to call for extra assistance to help with medical needs or fire. You’ll want to do this even if you think the accident is more minor, as they will need to complete a police report which you’ll need a copy of to make your claim. Make sure you get given a copy of this report, as your lawyer will need this in the future to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Seek Medical Assistance

You might be shocked to learn that many people get up and walk away from car accidents without even going to see a doctor. While many victims are taken from the scene of the accident to the hospital, even if you look and feel okay, you’ll want to be checked over by a medical professional. Many injuries appear days, weeks, or months after an incident, and brain and head injuries can often only be found with scans. Your physical and mental health should be your top priorities following an accident, and you’ll find that the sooner you can receive treatment, the more likely you’ll be to return to your usual way of life. Don’t ignore any advice you are given by a medical professional, and ensure you take your time to rest after an accident.

Collect Together Evidence

Even at the scene of the accident, you’ll want to start gathering evidence for your insurance claim. Take as many photos as possible on your phone, which you can share with your Macon car accident lawyer to help put towards your case. If you end up in court, these images could be a huge help to protect yourself and show that you are the victim of this incident. While you might be in complete shock at the site of the incident, try to remember to gather the information and evidence you need to protect yourself following the accident. Take photos of your injuries and your vehicle’s damage to back yourself up in the future.

Call Your Macon Car Accident Lawyer

You might think the next step in the process would be to call your insurance company, but the first thing you should do is get in touch with a Macon car accident lawyer. Even if you think you can put this off until tomorrow, this is something you should do immediately before contacting your insurance company. We recommend always keeping our phone number in your car at all times so that if you ever find yourself in an accident in the future, you have contact details to hand in.  No accident is too small for our team to deal with, so feel free to contact us at any time when you need advice or assistance.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After speaking to a Macon car accident lawyer, you’ll want to talk to your insurance company. This process can be very daunting if it’s your first time going through it, but the sooner you start with this, the quicker it can be resolved. It’s your responsibility as a victim to contact the company, and you’ll need to provide them with the basic details at this stage about what happened. If you aren’t sure about how you should answer these questions, refer to your Macon car accident lawyer before you say something you shouldn’t have and put yourself in a tricky situation. Make sure you follow all of the procedures they discuss with you and complete any required paperwork to support your claim.

A car accident can leave you in a state of shock, but you’ll want to try and keep engaged and follow the steps listed above. By completing these steps in the correct order, you’ll protect yourself and ensure you receive the assistance you need to help you recover from this traumatic incident. Our team of Macon car accident lawyers will be here to support you through every step of the process, so we encourage you to get in touch with our team before contacting your insurance company. For more information about what to do following a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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